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  1. Bieng a pk its free risk. we need a rule to avoid ungeared pk can kill low lvl players, so if you want to kill everyone with yours lvl 85 elemental sumoner, you need to be wearing S-grade for being able to do yours 100% damage to withe players, and if you are lvl 85 and you are using C grade, you can only kill c grade or lower players, and when you try to pk a Bgrade withe player you make 20-30% of yours normal damage
  2. I have been peked in very diferent situations: - Other player bring a pk character to clean spot for his non pk characters. - Other player decides to pk all player that aren´t members of his clan/Alliance. - Real money Trader Bring a PK to kill players that are disturbing the money farm of his 40.000 Elemental summoner Bots in all maps. I am sure the 3th option isnt planed to be a part of the game. In mi opinion, to have a perma red Character its extremly free, if you have a lvl78+ Elemental sumoner you can do it with no risk to loosing ittens, and always you can op
  3. Hello all, I am trying to complete a divine set +6, i already make gloves and stocking +6, breaking 3-4 itten of each. But i broke 37 divine chests trying get one +6. I broke 4 chests +4 using Improved EAC, three of then togueter, one after another and then two +5 and normal scrolls. That time i failed 5 enchants, all in less 1 mim. So i want to ask if other players have found the same difficulties doing theirs +6 sets. Maybe @hime or @juji can check if all its ok with divine chest. Thx.
  4. Follow the money bro, these bots programs suscripcions are for sure finishing in ncsoft for sure ^^. if not, of course the bots problem will be erased for night to morning. They make profist with bots and with legit players, and if this is not true they are lossing a lot of money, and everybodys know that greedy companies(like ncsoft) dont like lose money.
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