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  1. I would love to know how many people have left l2 with the new modality p2w.- I see the people connected to the servers and they have not gone down so much.- Reading the forum I have more than 500 true players who have left or maybe they are more.- Decrease the real population and increase the bots?
  2. I have taken the time to read all the thread of publications and it is really surprising that no one in the administration makes a statement about it. This issue, is with a total abandonment, I would dare to say that do not waste your time on this, is a lost case. - You have to get used to playing with Bots, find other places for PVE, or simply become Bots.- NCSOFT should eliminate this whole theme, is using space and this adornment, a pretty horrible adornment.- Yours sincerely, a player from South America.-