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  1. NC Soft doesn't care about the community. They have repeatedly done this in the live servers, and now they are just moving to the classic servers. They have to show to their masters they are making money, so they need a bump in the cash numbers, hence the event. I don't know why they don't realize that a slowly growing server would be a much better investment then taking the harvest soo early. They could have done this 2-3 years into it, and made 4 to 5 times what they have made today.
  2. Option 1 - spend the 1k USD to get the OP P2W item, and keep playing. When NCWest coffers start to get a bit low, they will introduce another P2W item, and your choices will start all over again. I predict about every 2-5 months Option 2 - keep playing, maybe get a semi-good pendant, keep spending the money towards VIP4. Watch as you slowly can no longer keep up with the P2W guys that sink money into the game. Eventually you might cave and buy a couple that are way too good, but you will never be a factor in pvp, or one of the tops on the server. Option 3 - Quit now. Realize that NcWest is going to keep doing this because they can. Myself, I am going for Option 3. I am never going to spend the kind of money that NCWest is asking of us, and not that I would ever become a factor in PVP, but I would like to at least think that we at least have a semi level playing field. If we could at least have an answer back from NCWest about why they did this, that would at least be something. I came back to classic hoping that NCWest had at least slowed the botting problem, but they haven't done a thing. Same NCWest that ran the live servers into the ground are running the classic servers, why did we ever think it was going to be different?