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  1. No thanks PvP lacks substance with nothing on the line. I am all for %1 on death for 76+. They made this change some ten years ago due to the amount of time and XP needed for 1% at those levels compared to lower levels.
  2. Oly would be fun, but there is already very little pvp on the server due to the lvl gaps. It's too early for content like this.
  3. NA is not obligated to follow the specific release data from Korea. If that was true everything about our servers and gameplay would be identical to KR, and it is not. Regardless this is a pointless conversation for players to be having without hearing from a developer (lol), or the producer (Juji) [also lol]. I posted this hoping to get a response from Juji or Hime, since they occasionally pop in on the reasonable threads.
  4. Party SOE... You took away a summoner's unique ability, and let anyone buy it for .20 USD. Not to mention Gate Chant. Why?
  5. Yeah I figured after not seeing a single one in 6 months it's not "in the game", but still is in the skill description. Here's hoping they add them in soon.
  6. The skill description for Backstab suggests that Half Kill is possible, but I've never seen it occur. Is this going to be fixed/implemented? Half kill is a game changer for daggers.
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