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  1. You're wrong Stan. I was shouting for BW boots/helm and gloves for the last 8 days and got 1 response from a guy that kept jacking his price up. I was offering 16.5kk for just those 3 items.. That is not unreasonable and I am not cheap. The economy is dead StanX..thats just Facts. Oh and this game....is dying just as quickly.
  2. Well folks, it's official...The game is dead... It's Saturday night on Gludio Server and Olympiad cannot run due to lack of participants.. Main clans have quit the game and the server is in ruin.. You cannot even buy BW anymore.. I have been trying to say things will get better for too long. Devs won't merge dead servers (god only knows why)...This would literally be the only thing that would keep the economy alive. Hey @Juji and @Hime why not just make us an NPC that you can buy anything up to B Grade at? Players cannot farm at the high lvl areas because everything one shots you. WHAT HA
  3. Can someone please confirm for me how VIP bonuses work when you are in a party with people ranging in VIP levels? Does it take an average or go with the highest? Lowest? Leaders vip level? Does anyone know for sure and not just guessing? Thanks!
  4. I've seen people on Gludio server pull A Grade weapons and Armor etc..The chances are supposed to be low mate. Just bad luck. We cant all be big winners.
  5. Honestly stop all your whining people. I think ALL of us thought the cake event was water under the bridge. But they went to the Devs for us and got as at least some exp...THIS GAME IS SUPPOSED TO BE A GRIND. Stop whining because everything isn't being given to you...No matter what the GMs do people moan and complain. Thank you GMs for trying please know that some of us appreciate the exp and your efforts. Think of it this way people. Now you can lvl characters your clan needs, create clan parties and earn that SP..the old fashioned way..actually hunting!
  6. @Juji @Hime Hello to our GM friends, Any word on weather we will get some sort of cake event back? This was the first time the community was excited again and it was blown in 2 days...Literally any modification of it would be awesome! Let us know please.
  7. Hello GM'S @Juji @Hime When will the event details be given? Will this be soon? Especially since the event is Live. Please let us know when we can find this. Thanks so much!
  8. Looking forward to seeing the patch notes. Thanks GM's
  9. May I make a suggestion with the Lottery style events you guys put on? Can you start making these a little more "winnable"? If people are going to drop $100 on an event they should at least be able to win something valuable and not a bunch of mood melody scrolls and other junk... Maybe make the prizes not so GRAND (S-Grade Weps), and make them B-Grade instead maybe? A-Grade at max? I can tell you that on my server, no one is participating in this event at all... No one... Because the chances of winning anything even half-decent is astronomical. Coax people into buying into events and
  10. Hi @Hime When do you think Class Transfer Buff Scrolls will start working again? Right now they are just tempting decorations in my inventory. Please let us know. Thank you!
  11. Glad I came back to read this! lol A little off topic in my own topic...When will class transfer buff scrolls be fixed @Juji @Hime?? Do we have an update on these?
  12. Ok, Thanks Juji! I thought this was the fact. Many people thought they were stacking. Thank you for clarifying. Have a good one!
  13. Hello GM's I know that pre-patch, the 100% and 50% XP SP runes used to stack with each other. But, now they say that they do not stack with other XP SP Runes? Is this True, or will 100% and 50% still stack? Just not 2 runes of the same type (100%/100%). Please let me know. And, if they don't stack, why was this decision made? If NCWest is concerned with making money, why limit peoples ability to spend money on game-aiding items if they so choose? Just wondering, as several people in my clan have theories about this. Please let us know @Juji @Hime or @Cyan. Thanks GM's and keep u
  14. I feel like all these forums are is complaining and boohoo's. I wanted to say thank you to the GM team for the Buffs in Monster Race track yesterday! They were awesome and my clan/alliance had a great time leveling with them yesterday! It would be a really nice bonus if you gave them today as well, since we lost 2-3 days of play time! But I wanted to say thank you for the nice perk! Most sincerely, Boom
  15. This game has run beautifully for me since I started playing... then today...the day after i buy a 100% EXP RUNE I can no longer play due to constant DC's and lag 5-10 sec spikes...this is ridiculous
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