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  1. I play since I started in sever gludio, I donated for the game and every day that passes I feel that I play alone, clearly the intention is to get money at the expense of the patience of the people, but at this point it is almost not worthwhile to continue spending my time in a game that is an MMORP that has nothing massive players. industrial quantities of bots, even do not leave lvl normal players who are the ones who give grace to the game, not even the "players" who use bots take care of the community, live in an egocentric bubble. It is a time bomb that explodes, where only a couple o
  2. THX A LOT!!! I live in CHILE, South America, I thank you very much for your attention, it's been a while since I expected answers like that, I hope the problem is solved soon I can log in naia server, but in gludio server not. TY!!!!!!!!
  3. another month without log in, another month of lost money, another month of lost time, another month without answers, another month without a game, another month where they laugh at us ... blessing buff only helps the bots ... next month, another p2w system, for that they are the best Some basically decent server? Seriously, it's the basics of a game, enter to play, understand? GLUDIN SERVER OFF
  4. Again problems to enter Gludin server, seriously, I'm going to lose another month VIP 4? What happens to the staff of this game? p2w not enough to have a decent performance? this goes from bad to worse ...
  5. yesterday I saw how they were killed between bots, it was the most exciting thing I've seen on this server, definitely playing as a spectator is the best, I had never experienced something like that in my life, many years playing lineage 2, but this is at another level, I want Be like your NCSOFT you are a great reference in my life. LONG LIFE TO LINEAGE 2 !!!!
  6. the strawberry of the cake ... 4 months lvl characters, with all the inconveniences to enter, bots, etc ... they announce a great update, but like all politicians, they always end up shitting you, it's a game of mass manipulation, where they give you a bait and when you're already drugged with this bait, this kind of event comes, where they do not leave you any choice but pay to get more power and be able to defend yourself at least in pvp, without counting the probabilities of failing with the items ... they do not give you the option, even though it is more difficult, to obtain the
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