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  1. @Juji @Hime You can put Exalted soul crystal in limited/bloody weapons or is just a new big Bug? I think need to be only for exalted weapon. Shilen crystal lv 5 right prices now is a nice joke.
  2. well i spend a lot billion to make Shilen crystal lv 5 and now with just 1440 ncoins you get one?? that the problem. you understand now? i have no problem if that exalted shilen crystal work only in Exalted weapons its okey, but not in any weapon in game.
  3. Wrong , you can put that "shillen Crystal" with same stats like shilen lv 5 in ANY WEAPON Limited or Bloody. That is the Big problem here. you can put that crystal in Any weapon, not just in EXALTED. @Juji @Hime that is normal? because i see weapons Limited and Bloody with that Exalted shilen crystal. check that.
  4. Yes , you get all forever and permanent. Item Description Blessed Exalted Circlet Exalted circlet containing the blessing of Lionel Hunter. LCK/CHA +1, STR/INT/CON +3, Attack/Defense Attribute +30, Vitality Bonus XP +10%, P. Atk./M. Atk/P. Def./M. Def +5%, P. Atk./M. Skill Critical Rate +50, Debuff Resistance +3%, XP/SP Bonus +10% Exalted Soul Crystal A special Soul Crystal containing the energy of the Exalted. Can bestow special abilities to we
  5. So.. right now Shilen Crystal level 5 is just another cheap item? .. come on! is joke? with new exalted soul crystal you get same stat like shilen 5. Same for Sayha talisman (exalted) is like sayha lv 5 , so ppl who spend a lot ncoins on make that now is just another Cheap item? Finally with 1440 NCOIN you get item with same stat like Shilen soul Crystal lv 5 and Sayha talisman (exalted) same stats lv 5. Owned. Gl Hf PD: you get Blessed Exalted ring too .. bye bye for ppl who spend in Angel ring and Fallen Angel ring! GL too , 1440 ncoin.
  6. CONFIRMED. i have advance nymph too , P. Atk/P.Skill/M.Skill Power 6% - it does not give P.atak 6% , the p.atak is the same P.atak 6% not work . @Hime @Juji
  7. Juji and Hime , i know i know... but is very very close to the last Red Libra in Korea. thx! love you :*
  8. okey , but idk why you delete my post.. i know prices are diferents ... but i know too is the same copy paste EVENT. Thx for confirmate Juji , love you :3
  9. Well idk why , but gm delete my POST. Enjoy: {removed}
  10. Hi team any news or some hope for change main class option in this red libra?? this update nerf many things and many i think leave or think to leave.. adena is hard now.. xp is really hard now .. less mobs.. etc. @Juji @Hime
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