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  1. players played on the two party. They used rune for 7 days exp. And how should I use it since I can't log in to the second party. JuJI/Hime should inform you about such changes a week earlier, not 12 hours. This is not fair.
  2. im unlucky. First hat needed 43 Stab Enchant from +9 to +10, but in second hats i used 100, exactly 100 and all fail from +9 to +10. this is a bleeping joke
  3. i used 30 and fail all
  4. HIME and JUJI Tell me pls why in the event instead of promoting players equally, strong clans and players with good EQ are rewarded, this is an event for anniversaries and chances should be equal (Baium 14 flor pvp zone) They make normal Baium. know they have chance for next good weapon 30x. Change it pls Thx
  5. Server Fix !

    Wody, i really agree with all of your points Change too OLY, bcs Is not normal. It should not be used P2W items (talismans, hats, cloak etc) and full buffs, - only self buff at Olympics, It's like using steroids at championships / olympics. The olympiad is to check players' skills Kondziu - Eva's Saints