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  1. So what will stop top nolifer clans to just pk everyone all the time?
  2. Macro loop deletion

    loop macro was best thing that happened to this bot infested game, now legit players can skip this boring grind, useless instances and just afk for levels there is rly low % of nolifers who can afford to actually play this kind of games and if they are playing this game all the time - they have no time to work and get money to use cash shop, so why ncsoft should care about people who do not pay any kind of money? it is way way more profitable to leave macro loop, to make it even better and open game for casual players who actually have life, who have jobs and who will be able to pay for some boost for the game that plays the boring part itself while they work +1 for loop macro!
  3. Looking for a PvP-PvE server

    this is afk game now, make at least 3 people party or 6 people if you have 2 pc, then afk until some 103lvl , then there is some pvp and stuff to do. I play 99% afk, once a day I look at my party to see if everyone is alive and if they have shots, then afk for another day, Quests are lame, instances are not rewarding, best strategy is just to afk farm. And don't get me wrong, I love that it is afk game now, quests were lame already, instances were not rewarding already , you can just skip that boring stuff and just legit afk using loop macro.
  4. gifting with low lvl champs

    there is a soulshot pack for 1nc , that gives 2k shots from every grade, rly handy also A,S grade gear for 1nc if you missed quest you can gift them to your toons only with 85+ champ
  5. Why you cannot gift ncitems with low lvl champs? I made new toon with supports and while leveling it got some nccoins on it, but I cannot gift shots and basic items to my other toons.. why so?
  6. new players leveling items

    yea , I mean if you make new character, lets say warcrayer or overlord, they give you fighter gear while exping is clearly way way way more easier in robe and mage weapon! while leveling spoiler easiest way to be level with polearm but again they give you one handed blunt
  7. This new way when you get items according to your class ir rly rly bad idea, you should at least get few options for weapons, like I made box tank and ofc from that gear item i get full tank set and sword even when with this buff i could oneshot mobs with a bow as a fighter change it plz it's such a pain in the foot
  8. Crafting gear

    easiest way would be to craft credit card but Im planning to afk farm and buy gear with adena, too lazy to go instances and stuff with this loop macro thing i can be lazy and play at the same time , awesome !
  9. Hye there! Made iss today 85 but it seems that there is no way to macro buff+ assist or buff + targetnext for afk play? Any suggestions how you do it?
  10. Dualclass question

    My main is the most awesome class of all - dark summoner<3 and I have healer in dual class, and problem one with that - i need robe for healer+ it seems healer is not easy to afk with So question comes to mind, what could I use as dualclass for easy leveling so I can still use my light set
  11. LF Mentor

    You can also contact me in discord, cos I'm afk in game most of the time https://discordapp.com/invite/NscgHSG
  12. Dualclass question

    Oh I see, ty!
  13. How to start again?

    Hello I was planning to start again on classic but there are no loop macros there, so I decided to try again on my old acc 92 lvl summoner I have no iss:/ basic R grade +3 Where to start again so I can afk farm using loop macros? I'm so exited to start again and have ability to automate grind, cos I have no time to grind for a long hours daily. I will have to make iss I guess to afk that's for sure
  14. I cannot wrap my head around it, scroll that replenish 1/4 of vitality cost 80 nc, scroll that replenish 1/2 vitality cost 240nc and finally scroll that cost 640nc will give you full vitality! Awesome but why would anyone buy that full vitality scroll for 640 if you can buy 4x 1/4 scrolls?? what am i missing here?>
  15. Dualclass question

    question about dualclass re-awakening When i did reset my healer 87 dualclass master sad that I will have human characteristics, what's that? I see no difference between stats when I look at my summoner and spellhowler , about what characteristic is that npc talking about?
  16. this kind of exp should be for every prestige pack owner, it actually felt rewarding to kill mobs lol, btw i spent more money while exp was good than when it sucked, cos when you see progression you are more motivated to top up
  17. Dualclass question

    thank's for your input, I was considering healer in light cos it seems that casting speed is good anyway under full buff but archer would be better and easier to exp with my iss in duo I have to wait for that red libra event tho, to change dual class tho to not lose some skills i guess
  18. prestige pack

    prestige pack seems waste of money for me, even 20% cd for skills , meh i can afk w/o it, much more usefull would be 100% exp and some 500 nc coins every month in current state I see no reason to buy it cash shop seems a waste in general, sure exp rune 1 and 2 are cool for 1-100lvl and affordable, I bought that, inventory is great deal, other than that everything is just way too expensive to even invest
  19. Suggestion

    you may be singol or may be not singol, im not cerial about it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h05YfP_8UsU
  20. Suggestion

    Loop macro is amazing thing but as for now for most locations, it does not allow for afk.. monsters just re spawn out of /targetnext range and that's it, your character just stands there.. You could somehow make this situation better , easiest way would be reducing monster random spawn from original location so mobs spawn in +- the same spot, this already would be enough to afk on loop macro on every quest, every location. Loop macros are there for one thing and one thing only, to even leveling and grind field between casual users, nolifers and bot users, it was a great idea to implement it but it needs more work, cos as it is now you cannot do basic thing it is designed for - afk exp due to mob respawn range
  21. 2 Active LF Clan

    le envy! I wish I could play 12 hours per day, enjoy while you have it guys and good luck!
  22. Dualclass question

    Ok then , you convinced me 100% that I need mage or archer as a dual to be able to play 100+ But first, I will afk as hard as I can to get to 100
  23. Dualclass question

    you cant make same class your dual, right? cos I think i tried
  24. How to start again?

    yea I noticed that just now, makes me wonder why would anyone buy it then.. well i made that mistake once, next time will just buy exp runes
  25. Dualclass question

    thank's, so much good info here! Yea I probably will change it to archer or mage, some people have already suggested mage but being casual player leaves me worrying about how to get that mage gear , having one set for main class and dual class would make things way more easy then again this question, do I rly need dualclass? Except these dualclass hp toggles, what else im missing out if I just play on main? I have already finished nobless quest, my dualclass is 87 shilen saint or whatever it is called now I was asking about how to level up dualclass not cos I rly want to play something except most awesome main class I already have - summoner but cos I get this feeling that it is something that I must make cos of dualclass certification or something like that