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  1. Coming back after 3 years

    you have 3 viable options 1) nolife, if you will play 8h+ per day you will progress and get decent cp that will help you with gear 2)multiple clients - if you will run 3 or better 6 clients on 2 pc to 24/7 afk grind you will progress, slowly but due to ncwest garbage servers you will have dc often 3)cash, if you are willing to cash in for some 200% exp boost, drop boost, skill reuse time, buy gear with adena r99 set will cost ya clean 900 000 000 and weapon starting 2-3 000 000 000 adena, then you can play in 1 client I would not recommend to start playing now, servers are disconnecting often, drop from mobs is bad, spoil is bad, most viable option to get adena and items is using cash at least wait for next update with better loop macros, that is only good thing in this game now
  2. It seems tempting to use tokens in macro, I have tried it but sometimes they reset or vanish so question, how safe is to use them? How long do they stay on after being used? im talking about /usetoken1 /targettoken1 and so on can other players change tokens in your party?
  3. Prestige pack bottles cube etc

    yea I cancelled also, waste of money, it is more efficient to pay 30 eur for electricity and run 2 pc 24/7 andf 6 clients , than play 1 client and spent 30 eur for sub, i would much much rather play in 1 client, all that trouble with switching, loading, putting on macro, reloading all party when someone gets dc and all die, it is such a pain but im too poor to play this "free" game in 1 client
  4. i don't mind that much to come home from work and see that my party is dead, happened many times, no big deal, being scammed for items is a whole another thing! ty for info, i was sure that fix will come sooner or later
  5. watching game as it plays itself on loop macro is the same as watching wall dry after it is being painted, it requires special mind to enjoy that kind of activity it will be fixed one way or another, sooner or later. Few years ago nobody would believe that loop macros would be implemented, but it did, now you are saying that pk system will not be remade to protect people from forced pk - but it will
  6. why let bot keep botting

    they cannot do anything about bots
  7. while talking about stupidity of player one should ask how smart is developer if he puts afk option in game and then says - it is not intended for afk If it would be intended for short periods of time devs would implement time on how much you can use it - they did not so don't start about not intended for afk, it is purely made for afk so people did not complain about bots so much cos it is harder to spot them now
  8. linegae 2 is an old game, you don't need expensive rig to max it out i use laptop and one old old office pc to run 6 clients, i bought that office toster for 32 eur from hands, core 2 duo 3,2ghz integrated vga but if you buy new pc 1660 ti + i5-9600K + 8gb of ram ( you cannot run more than 3 clients so no need more ram) + samsung 850 evo ssd would be good starting point and most games you could run on high settings just make sure you have good cooler on cpu and 2 coolers on case for good air flow in and out
  9. just you wait, in april 23 in russia lineage 2 essence or as they call it in korea Lineage 2 Aden will open, smart bot, game in 1 client , oriented to solo afk players, i know many who will at least go and test it there, it's a free market- if ncwest cannot provide what casuals want , someone else will
  10. first of all they should remove level gap influence on karma, so if you kill low level flagged character you get karma just cos he is low level, that is one abuse point (i have been told so , not tested) Secondary - replace item drop from pk with jail, you get 5 karma - you get teleoprted to jail for x hours, you cannot pk , after getting out of jail you need to do quest to clear karma , or use nc shop for that, and everyone is happy nobody likes to drop items, NOBODY LIKES THAT MECHANIC, except people who abuse it
  11. how is this going to help? I dont get it
  12. Returning player needs guidance

    that might be true
  13. Well I was kind of hyped for 15ann celebration, stacked some 1,2k nccoins but it seems that everything in game shop that will be added is targeted only for rich guys.. Where are discounts for 200% exp 1-100?(7 days+) where are discounts for vitality potions? something that regular people could afford? I understand that you need to make money and im glad that there are people , fortunate enough, to invest huge sums of cash and enjoy this event fully by buying and enchanting these cool circlets, but how about giving some celebration to regular folks with some discounts to regular items? Happy celebrations to everyone
  14. Returning player needs guidance

    there is one way tho , get dedicated pc that you can leave on 24/7 3 man party and grind afk on loop macro 24/7 slowwwwwwly you will get some money and level afk on loop is only way to play if you are casual , if you have some time to spare add some daily quests
  15. DC Event 2019!!

    I agree that DC is rly annoying, im also playing 3clients per pc and logging all them is a pain.. I cannot wait for Lineage 2 Aden (korean) to come to ncwest, finally game version where you can play only in 1 window, Im sick of playing in multiple windows but it is only way to progress if you are casual player
  16. Hey, what is enchant chance of these circlets? I can afford to spent some 20eur on nccoins monthly and I wonder, is it worth to try buying and enchanting it? I know people who will spent 9k nc will succeed but is it worth to invest if you dont have much nc?
  17. I have seen two streams already with server that has no dualbox, it's some kind of new classic server modification, with loop macros but no dualbox, anyone can tell me more about that? I mean you probably can somehow run 2 lineage 2 clients but you can buff only yourself! Awesome!
  18. Classic pvp Aden?

    yea, and it will be pvp oriented, no isntances, no pk drop, 24/7 fight for spot and pk at will pay to win? are you kidding mate, every game that has a trade is pay to win cos people who have money can buy items from other players, money , gear , everything is bought and sold.
  19. Classic pvp Aden?

    When we will have pvp version of classic server? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmeI40phBIQ
  20. I think this event is kind of useless, face it , majority of people play afk now, on loop macros, and every time you have to go from your spot to talk to some npc is a - meh last event was ok, you just click on icon once a day and get reward, np with that, but taking whole party to npc to get buff for 2 hours, meh, im afk 24/7 i cannot care less for such a minor buff..
  21. i cannot believe that there are actually people who defend scammers, game mechanic or not - it should not happen, i have not suffered from this issue, yet, but be sure that if someone scams me for items you will have one paying customer less
  22. Better Support Team

    I have been using support many times, and I had no problems with it. Usually they reply in about 12-36 hours, what is to be expected if you have to support that many players, So far no complains.
  23. Even if you are afk on "safe" macro that will not flag you there are some interesting ways how to get you pk and drop some items from you. TLDR: They make 1lvl character that starts with your nick and you will hit him Easy fix If your nick is Dude Safe version would be Dudexxxxxxxxxxxx and now there is no way to use this metod to drop items, this should be done for all your twinks tho more info in video you can see how it is done https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LSAW97N01g
  24. write to supp, they may try to repair your acc many bugs atm , many bugs...
  25. Guys i need help, cannot buy paulina r grade item box, wrote to support but it seems they cannot help me atm , has any of you had this problem and how did you solved it? I have no other gear and no adena for one, cos I recently bought r99 for my tank, and i need leather set for myself any ideas what to do?