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  1. That is an issue for you to fix, not ncsoft. Tell your system not to put your drives to sleep.
  2. Is there a way to get the spellbook: Griffin mount from Giants Cave without having to do the quest to kill the raidboss Mimir ??
  3. the max amount of clients that is allowed to run at the same time from 1 pc is 7. If some people are running more than that, then they are using more than just 1 pc or they are using other means to bypass the limit.
  4. the 150 stones only work on weapons, the 60 stones are for armor. just be careful what you buy, ncsoft designed the element system a bit weird. For instance, if you wanted to put 150 wind on a weapon, then you would just buy the 150 wind stone with mentee coins However for armor you have to by the opposite stone. Buy the 60 holy stone if you want 60 dark defense Buy the 60 wind stone if you want 60 earth defense Buy the 60 water stone if you want 60 fire defense
  5. The fastest way to get element stones on your gear is to do the following: 1. Make a new lvl 1 toon on a different account 2. Log in your main toon & this new lvl 1 toon. Make the new lvl 1 toon your mentee 3. lvl up the new toon from 1-86 using the new player quest line 4. collect the mentee coins on your main toon & reapeat steps 1-3 5. exchange mentee coins for an element stone from the mentee manager that will add 60 element to your gear all in one stone.
  6. If you are killed by the owner of the Cursed Sword, the Prison of Souls and Scar of Soul skills are applied. The Scar of Soul lasts for 2 minutes 10 seconds. The Scar of Soul disappears after the duration even if the Prison of Souls is removed within 2 minutes. Skill Name Skill Description Prison of Souls - Zariche/ Prison of Souls - Akamanah The body has been temporarily sealed after being struck by Demonic Sword Zariche (Blood Sword Akam
  7. So once the queue is removed next week, will there still be a client limit ? 3, 7, unlimited?
  8. Probably wont matter, as long as there is a queue, people will not buy xp runes, etc from the store if there is no guarantee that they can log in when they want to play. Before this last expansion, we had no client limit & no attack lag so......what happened with this new messed up L2 expansion ??
  9. There should not even be a que system. Even before this latest expansion the servers were rarely at "High" capacity. Most of the time they were listed at "Normal" capacity & we didn't have any attack lag like we do now. & that is even with no client limit, so 1....Client limit is not the answer. & 2...Cue system is not the answer. However I would take a 7 client limit & No Cue system Ncsoft will have to get this fixed soon because at this rate, I am sure their store sales will suffer. Players will not buy xp runes, etc. if there is no guarantee that they can even
  10. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14718-live-unscheduled-server-maintenance-monday-august-19/
  11. This is true. Before this last expansion, we had no account limit & even when the server was at a normal capacity there was no attack lag like it is now.
  12. https://forums.lineage2.com/topic/14425-known-issue-3-client-limit-per-pc/
  13. To all macro players, turn your manner mode on. Thanks
  14. Patch notes, just like most things in L2 are based on "Korean Random". Patch notes might arrive on Aug. 6th. in the morning, around noon, or even as late as 11:59pm NcSoft time. Or the patch note enchant could of just failed, & the notes will come out after the update. lol WTS NcSoft some Blessed Patch Note Enchants, pm me
  15. That is a possibility, however, if for some reason we do not get the full patch notes today & if we do end up getting the ISS changes tomorrow, then the right thing for NcSoft to do in that scenario is to extend Red Libra for another week.
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