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    hi ingwaz or whoever know how to put full macros for each class like wc buff macro,sws and bd macro,healer macro pls put it here for dummy also if u duo with pony and se,how to set up macro for pony and se thx in advance
  2. I just hit 76 and try to do third class transfer with sws,bd,wc,bishop and arbalester where can I find this quest info?anyone can link here for class change quest ? i heard quest has been change to simple like talk to npc then kill 700 mobs to finish is that true? if i have to pick easy way,which option to kill 700 mobs? i heard there's two option to kill mobs and if u pick wrong one u screwed help me out pls,thx in advance
  3. which set is best b grade set for prophet?and why? better set for pvp?and pve set?or best set for prophet no matter what?
  4. im kind of new to this server/classic anybody who knows server history /clan /cp stuff can explain server history like 1,which clan is top clan?i know blacklotus owning gludio so I assum they are the top clan atm but what is their official alliance name/how many clan in alliance and how many active people in ally now etc 2,which cp is top pvp cp now in server?clan name of cp,how many member/class/level of cp ?detail info if anybody know pls 3,anybody done 3rd class transfer?i wanna know their name/class/which clan they belong too pls/cp name also 4,is there any aq ring/baium earing in server yet?who's doing those raid/clan/farmer?detail info if anybody know pls 5,after watch last gludio siege,i only see one side now ,so many small clan even side with lotus ..so fs might fight them later or they might side with them as well I don't know but is there any other power in server beside fs?any other strong high level clan? 6,so I just want to hear story how this server start it ,how lotus alliance made...and where are they came from?which server? lotus international?fs international? 7,who is highest level in server now?which clan ,what class? 8,who have top gear in game now?what item they have ?
  5. Pendant Max Enchant

    so after +9 it can break even u using shiny? was wondering why so many ppl stop at +9 and selling those pendant and anybody also know what is success rate after +9 or where can I find those info /chart?
  6. +1 for exp/sp/drop rate boost any plan for march at all?last month one of gm replied boost event coming but nothing happen so far and no preview of any new stuff either
  7. b grade weapon price

    im new to classic so wondering why these b grade weapon price is like so much diffrent for example dark elven longbow price is like 7 mil and bop is like 100 mil I know it's top grade and low grade and speed and soulshot consumtion etc but is there any other reason beside that?