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  1. Giran - crashing today?

    I'm from the Netherlands, and I had to use a VPN to be able to connect, and eventually not even a VPN helped, unless the areas that crash keep changing.
  2. A way to log-in (tuto)

    yup, worked for me too. Thanks!
  3. Giran - crashing today?

    Customer Support is non existent. I got my account locked with no explanation. I opened up a separate account for a healer, from what I read boxing was allowed (I didn't even start boxing tho, I was just leveling up) I was just doing a lvl 16 quest, and got kicked out for "suspicious activity". after almost a week of waiting to get an explanation of whats up I got an automated reply " We have reviewed this account and found it participating in, or directly associated to, high risk or malicious behavior. In an effort to maintain a safe and fun environment for all of our players, this account has been closed and is ineligible to be reopened for any reason, under any circumstance.The decision to close this account is final. " To this day I have no idea why that happened. I was not botting, I was not boxing yet, I was not harassing anyone. Only thing apart from leveling up that I did was receive 5 pendant polish from a friend, and got a free pendant up to +3, which I lost ofcourse. Losing a level 16 character wasn't that much of a big deal, I can get over that, Only lost a sundays worth of work after all.... But the incompetence of your customer support to give any real explanation is what got me really angry. And yeah. now like everyone else here, I can't log in to my main account either. For awhile using a VPN helped, but now not even that works. Overall, this is a very dissapointing experience, and I really don't wanna drop and leave this, because now me and my gf have invested time and money into this..
  4. Giran - crashing today?

    Haven't been able to log in for a week now, is anything being done or is this just how it's gonna be now?