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  1. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, June 19, 2019

    The few remaining players where waiting for this maintence, as we can see it was the last shovel of dirt. RIP classic
  2. The question is: What are u going to play guys? Share another games with the community please!
  3. not 150%, they boosted 50%. Believe me
  5. Thx for giving us 2 rice cake of 20 min, very thoughtful
  6. New NC Launcher

    Nem nos servers 5000x que eu joguei os gms são tão amadores, vai pra pqp...
  7. After so many en los unscheluded maintence, bugs and etc u guys should give gms buffs.
  8. Summoners

    The point is: Atm fighting against one summoner it's ridiculous. They mount in their stupid horses while their summon keep hitting in pvp, if u reach the stupid bleep they just use teleport system and disappear! The unicorn doen't have a range to hit anothers players that's insane and unbalanced. Since NCSOFT just don't care about players opinion that's my quit post. Good lucky to the players that still here being ignored by this company
  9. Classic Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    I can't even see the event window, many itens with the wrong texture. WTF NCsoft, why are u letting interns updating the server?
  10. BOTS in Sea of Spores

    My clan is waiting to see what happens, but we are considering leave this botland. Sad, but we won't play like this... I have to fight against 10/15 bots to drop one simple book
  11. BOTS in Sea of Spores

    I just want to know if NCSOFT is going to do something about the thousands bots that are farming nonstop there. Should the normal players leave the server and let it to botters? I've reported that cheaters at least 20x each