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  1. now with less pc you have full buff and damage... + event pendant.... one person and ready
  2. I think the mistake was to be able to open 2 clients
  3. it is better not to keep trying to enter, then you are banned for suspicious activity ... when trying to enter so many times xD
  4. My brother can and i can not, we live 10 minutes from each other.
  5. Enter the official server because I thought it would be better, but it has more problems than a illegal server ... and the difference between who pays and is not much greater ... than bad
  6. it sucks ... it has more problems than illegal servers this xDD
  7. It is not by country or zones, here in Chile I can not pass the selection of servers, but my brother from his house if he can enter and play.
  8. Hello: I can not pass the selection server, someone else with this problem? I gave him to repair client but nothing.
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