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  1. I really don't know what to expect, this classic experience is more and more terrible. Always expect it to be like the other servers, that you could sign up for Olympiads without a lot of gear and where it would be "more balanced" than later, now all this is starting to go to hell, weapon+16, visa guys full epics, meeh... and this kind of RNG events just favor to bots user, so more and more Rmt. I really thought that the Olympiads will be put in on May.
  2. Yes, they contacted me on Sunday, and now I am waiting for an answer to see a solution to this billing issue. But I really don't know if they will contact me again by the same ticket or if I need to do another one. Thank you @Hime
  3. I really don't know, the problem is that they never respond, it seems to me that the bots inside the server are more efficient than the bots that respond to the tickets in support. To this day I don't know the true reason for my Ban (I can imagine some problem with a purchase), and if there was a problem, I could solve it immediately, but these guys take an eternity to answer, any millennial can answer 100 messages in 1 minutes, apparently support in ncsoft is a group of old people who can't use a keyboard fastly,
  4. Five days ago, two of my accounts were banned, I sent an email because I can't create tickets under this condition. Well, in 1 day, GM "Maru" answers me with the generic response that my request (23275533) has been received. okay. Two days later and after answering many times, GM "LEE" told me that "it seems that our answers do not reach you".okay. Then another ticket was created (23276616). They were billing problems, problems that I clarified immediately and I told them that I could solve this with a single click. okay. It's been 4 days after that without a clear answer, so I don't
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