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  1. finally logged on 4th day, thanks NC team, only lost almost 4 days on 50% rune and possibility to use it on rose buff(LOV event). Will this be compensated somehow or is it just bad luck?
  2. Nostalgic lineage.. now that´s the true meaning of what that is - pure nostalgia
  3. let´s hope we get the rose buff and 50% rune lost back, in case we can log in some day :O)
  4. i can´t log for 30 hours. i do not think anything will be done fast to fix it
  5. if it takes 14 hours to get some response on forums, i am sorry, i give up
  6. good to see everything is OK, no log in problems, nothing. everything is fine, great
  7. yeah, the rose buff is really big boost, too bad i can not use it to finish my char lvl 40 since i can not log in, and it is gone soon ;-(
  8. chechking the numbers, i think bots are all logged in, unlike the live players. And that is pretty sad :-/
  9. servers appear to be up and down all the time with population in, but i can´t log in. what region are you? EU?
  10. did not expect an answer from the forum troll tho
  11. come on 50% rune and rose event pending it is weekend guys, can you give us any further information other than hang in there, plsease??
  12. I am hanging for 10 hour trying to log in, should i hang more? Can you tell us more what is going on, please? give us any suggested time frame when will be log in possible, please?Or should i hang up higher ?
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