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  1. Any Eta, when official info will be posted? Just logged in to see this new event and obviously got some questions. Like, how to get tickets? Is buying them for Ncoin from L2Store only possibility or is there possibilty to also get them from mob drops?
  2. Try without having characters who are 9 or more levels lower/higher than you in same party. Someone in some other adena thread tested this, and sort of unofficially confirmed it. That if you have characters in same party as you, who are 9 or more levels lower/higher than you, you get Zero drop.
  3. This new newbie pack is all good for new players who created characters after the update. But. If you created character before the update, did already take newbie pack during oriana event. Leveled your character up to level 25+, and didn't do moon armor quest yet before update. Then what now? Now armor quest is removed, so where to get armor now? It is limited that you can take only 1 newbie pack per account, so if one was taken before update then can't take another anymore.
  4. Finding hard to go back in. Not so Classic version of a game anymore. Server name might be still classic, but game just isn´t classic anymore. When i look this server from players amount, then when walking around in different cities, it has even gone lower than it was before previous oriana event. When i joined Giran server, starting cities had some quite busy life going, and Village of Gludin, Dion and other lower cities also pretty fully packed. But now, you walk around in these cities and it almost feels like some old western movie town, where few are running around, some shops ar
  5. Like WHAT? --- LOL I would hope, you got some actual proof, to prove all that what you just said earlier?
  6. HI, When teleporting to hunting ground (experienced at plains of dion), there is no protection from aggro mobs, from attacking you right away when you teleport in. Earlier before update we had it so, that if you moved or made an action, sort of protection buff was removed. It really helped if, player had bit slower computer, still loading world when you logged in or teleported to hunting ground. Currently it is not a case, because you don´t have that protection buff and it might happen that you see yourself near death or already dead, when game world finally loads in.
  7. Where did you get 300? I´ve managed to only find mobs which gave me 70a per mob. Given that one major teleport costs 22500. To get even with transport costs, i would have had to kill ~321 mobs. And if use shots, then even more, before can go back to city.
  8. Can user transfer this appreciation pack through dimensional merchant to different character also or is it locked onto highest level character?
  9. Hello, Upon completing Human Wizard 1st class change quest, npc gives player only quest item "Bead of season", but doesn´t reward player with exp and sp rewards. According to Human Wizard quest guide at l2wiki , Exp and SP rewards should be as follows: 80314 Exp & 5087 SP and given out after completing step 14 from that guide together with quest item How to replicate: Take "Path to Human Wizard" class change quest from Parina after receiveing rewards for "Path of the Cleric" quest, but do that before reaching level 20 and changing class to Cleric. For clarification: Frie
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