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  1. Its so sad. 

     You nerfed the only  place were people could farm  some adenas in the whole map. Didnt even care what the majority of people asking . At least bring adenas boost events or even boost the adenas (time or reward)  buff  how we are supossed to make some adenas when time is half that before and passes so expensive... all gears requirements for  high lvl hunting areas are lunatic expensive... At least now bring a solution which will  give people a motivation to keep prestige  subscription

  2. 3 hours ago, iBuNNy said:

    There are many opinions about  several hunting zones

    most people will agree if you can  boost xp  on places like fos or add more mobs there cause ppl find no spot to exp.

    I wanted to say that changes on stronghold 1 as it now is a big + for this update. We need somehow say what is the good on  updates and we like to  keep it going like that.

    Even people on mid gears but lvl 110 + can make very good adenas by farming even in groups.  If Bring back the previous amount adenas per mobs and same  time  half time of recharge available  in the instance will be a disaster for all players especially the weaker.  Only the rich and strong will keep on  making some adenas and instance will be empty. Let people even on mid gear upgrade long terms this  will help not many people get dissapointed  and wanted to leave game cause feel like they will never can touch something good if not pay real for it. Keep stronghold on this status do not change it!

    Totally agree. Do not nerf IOS.  People should have some solutions to make some adenas and ios seems fair enouhh. Many clan parties running there! Please add some more mobs there  place sooo crowded that means people choose it and enjoying it 

  3. I  totaly agree on this idea of extend the event for 1-2 weeks more,

    after  classic servers online,  many people left  server and chronos was  a  dead place. Last weeks, after the event   was up,  we all see old friends coming back  and people login again back to chronos to  level up.

    Its a good opportunity to make these people  stay  and be active again   and of course its a good motivation for people who feel depressed and see that  110 items will be a dream they never catch up ! 

    Make chronos active again! And an exp boost is the best  way ! 

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