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  1. So nothing really changed for spoilers, complete shaft? Artisans/ mys got encase and spike, new crafting buff, new abilitys. But nothing for spoilers to equal the playing field or boost pve or pvp, even live had better spoil and dual dagers /abilitys. This version can't spoil squat, have to be within a few lvls, and we get pole arm use back at 76......wtf
  2. I think the new Cloth unseal /toi trinket/ tablets system in Classic is complete crap, it encourages botting and the average player can't afford not get to the locations legitimately. Was better when unsealing was left to the blacksmiths, Toi trinkets were obtainable and not something you could fail at and had to throw 200+m into, your 3rd class change didn't cost you 31 tablets per skill. And mind you this is all on the top of TOI with adds higher tuned than they were on live. I know on most classic servers having looked it's mainly bott lords, bott groups, or people who benefit from them w
  3. I spent over 4k NCcoin got garbage you can get off a vend and a 2hr rune. Know a few people dropped several hundred and got dk as well.
  4. I know this is old new but Scavengers need some love, Artisans were given spike after years of complaining like children, but scavengers didn't receive encase to make it equal, would be a nice balancer since one class got both and scavys got the shaft. Also scavys need a mild buff at minimum to spoil still, because at this point the only ones making use of it viably at high lvl in classic are the high end bott groups that don't seem to get banned. A raise in landing chance would help the common player, and clans contend a little more. And at this rate Artisans spoil lands just as often so
  5. The level 70 7day reward black hat looks epic, pleas add as a permanent look in shop to vip4s.
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