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  1. Classic Server Population.

    Right now Giran Aden Server NA Prime Time
  2. CH in aden

    I believe the winning bid is placed in the clan leaders clan warehouse after auction meaning all proceeds of the sale will first go through the clan lord.
  3. I still wanna know who the letter people are on aden.
  4. Pendant Max Enchant

    People take it to +9 because the Shiny Varnish will only work on Pendants +8 or lower. By NCSOFTS grand design you MUST chance the pendant at +9 to get it to +10 using regular polish. Absolutely sadistic on their part. And I know... I blew up a LVL 3 +9 Fire Pendant
  5. Let me offer you a suggestion on selling something. People need to know "what" your selling before they can actually "buy" it...... Now if you got 9 random letters on Classic Aden what are they? A,B,C,D,E,F,G? What about Z? Z would probably choice.... that or X Of course, "A" probably would be awesome as well, but "Y" that could be humorous in some situations.
  6. Pendant Max Enchant

    There is no safe enchant
  7. I'm literally just replying to this for fun at this point. What "letter people" do you have on Aden? Just curious...
  8. Legendary Lord Punish, Prince of Devianne Hi, I’m a 37 year old IT guy today with three kids, life, responsibilities and all the stress that comes along with it. 15 years ago, as an early 20 something I found a game I fell in absolute love with. Lineage 2 is one of the special ones, I’m sure we’ve all played a number of MMORPG’s in our individual gaming careers but this game for me was the one that has provided me some of the most visceral experiences in an online game. Castle Sieges, Double Crosses, Rivalries and occasional “WTF just happened” moments are too numerous to count in classic Lineage 2. I am so looking forward to getting to know you all and meet you on the battle field as ally or enemy. leg·end·ar·y 1. of, described in, or based on legends. 2. remarkable enough to be famous; very well known. Clan Culture: *We protect our own, you will die for your brothers and sisters and laugh about it. It’s how we will play. *We will fight and you will die. It’s how we will play. *We will seek retribution when warranted. It’s how we will play. We will play a highly diplomatic, engaged and relevant role within the Aden Server political sphere, because of the game mechanics that classic lineage 2 will implement the clan leveling system provided a direct path for one such as myself. Personal character development is sacrificed for clan level in classic lineage 2 and I as I had done 15 years ago will take Legendary to level 5 and create an alliance. We will siege or be behind the scenes doing whatever it takes to gain the political capital necessary to successfully siege our own castle and hold sovereignty over a province. (of course that’s everyone elses goal as well, so we won’t get frustrated over the push & pull of power as it shifts) PM Punish in Game.
  9. GoodBYE Friends /- - - </3 - - ->

    Who are/were you?
  10. “The journey is always more important than the destination. ~ Legendary Lord Punish” As sunlight crept through the small window of the two-story village home most of the denizens within were still fast asleep. Light now illuminating the humble interior of this small shared dwelling the juxtaposition of fine dwarven weaponry, armor, bubble-gum and a myriad of stuffed animals of every shape and size littered the bunkhouse’s every nook and cranny. As Aden’s most renowned and feared warriors slumber a lone veteran dwarven artisan works diligently below their chambers at a small workbench completing yet another project for his lord and benefactor. The seasoned Warsmith skillfully draws, feathers and points yet another steel arrow laying it dutifully amongst the pile. The Legendary Lord had been going through a lot of these lately, hunting with his clan at the Seal of Shilen accumulating the necessary experience on his quest to attain the rank of Elite Knight. Finishing another projectile the Warsmith thought of his lord's task at hand and the amazing display of stamina at the Seal. As the sunlight crept into his ground floor workshop The Legendary Lord Punish had been hunting for 26 hours and counting… Seemingly out of nowhere attaining the Elite Knight Title and Clan Rank of 4 that came along with it had become an all-consuming challenge for the leader of Clan Legendary, so much so in the past day alone the artisan had crafted 20,000 steel arrows to the point his fingertips bled and hands ached from the repetitive crafting task. He placed another arrow on the pile. Punish had said to him from the very beginning he would accomplish this task. He’d said a lot of things, the Dark Elf was always speaking of the future, his vision or the way forward. How actions always spoke louder than words and your word only means anything if you do exactly what you say you are going to do even if you find yourself on the losing end of the battle. He placed another arrow on the pile. The Legendary Lord didn’t have a small vision, but a grand one. He’d often tell of tales not yet experienced in the workshop of this future alliance he intended to make. The goal was so audacious very few people believed it was possible. Yet; having witnessed firsthand the raw willpower embodied within the phantom ranger when he had told the Warsmith he’d be an Elite Knight by the end of the month, he wholeheartedly believed him. He placed another arrow on the pile. “Every journey starts with a single step” the artisan spoke aloud, reiterating something Punish had said. He thought on the statement a moment as he finished yet another arrow, trying to remember how the saying goes… “the choice to keep walking is entirely up to you.” He nodded to himself shaking his head understanding the deeper meaning beyond the words alone. This is why the Artisan believed in the journey he found himself on with the Legendary Lord. Just as he was finishing another arrow a rooster crowed outside the workshop window. Instinctively his reaction was of sheer terror as if someone had just caught the artisan trespassing, he froze exactly as he was when the sound penetrated the peaceful interior of the bunkhouse. Without moving a muscle, the dwarf let the pierced silence hang in the still air watching intently toward the open window to his right out of the corner of his eye. Silence… With muscles still firm and taught, the silence stood preserved and gradually the artisan began to feel relief and allow himself to relax a bit, thinking to himself he’d gotten lucky that time if only for a little while longer. As he allowed the finished arrow to rest atop the pile of other armaments the rooster's crow cracked the still air of the workspace even louder than before. “That should do it” the Dwarf stated flatly, knowing what was coming next, eyes rolling slowly toward the ceiling. Just then an unmistakable sound of feet hitting the floor above rang out through the tiny room, followed by even more sounds of interminable origin or activity, soon a ruckus of tiny feet echoed throughout the dwelling as the once silent home roared to life. “GRAAMPAAA!” shouted childlike voices from atop the stairs as the unmistakable stampede of dwarven sisters rushed the living space of the bunkhouse. Zoey, Becky, Jojo, Lucy, Trixie, Dipsy, and Peekaboo Bodkins clamored down the steps clad in their pajamas on the only mission that mattered at that moment and time. “What's for Breakfast Grampa!” exclaimed Jojo Bodkins as she hurriedly ran past the workbench toward the kitchen. “I want pancakes!” Lucy said excitedly. “Have you seen my Mithril tunic Grampa?! Zoey and I start working in Aden for the Taxi Service” asked Peekaboo. Quickly the once peaceful workshop of a skilled Artisan practicing his craft deteriorates into the daily family circus that is TheBodkins. He placed another arrow on the pile. Turning to face his mischievous pre-adolescent horde Grampa Bodkins rubbed his aching hands and looked over his troop. Dipsy taking her usual place by his side raised her arms above her head and like a swift practiced motion was scooped up in his warm embrace. Resting her head on his shoulder Grampa looked at her directly and made a motion with his hand as if scooping food in his mouth, Dipsy nodded still half sleepy and pointed toward the kitchen. Taking a moment, the gentle dwarf playfully booped Dipsy on the nose and sat the young dwarf down with a big smile. “Okay, who wants some Elphie-O’s?” Grampa asked his girls. “I DO!” everyone erupted at once, save Dipsy who looked confusedly at her sisters and then back to Grampa. Making an “O” with his hand and pointing toward the kitchen Dipsy instantly understood with a happy smile. And so the family prepared their breakfast of Elphie-O’s and happily sat around their small wooden table discussing the various events planned for the upcoming day. “Peekaboo, if you and Zoey are headed to Aden to start your job with Phraust I need you to take this order of arrows to our Lord at the Seal,” Grampa instructed. “Okay Grampa, we can do that no problem!” Peekaboo replied confidently. “But… take Dipsy along. She’s never been to Aden by herself.” Warsmith Bodkins, instructed calmly as if anticipating a certain response “Grampa!? She’ll get lost or something worse…” protested Zoey aloud with Peekaboo nodding in approval eyes wide with disbelief. Grampa knew she’d never been to Aden by herself, in fact, he couldn’t remember a time when she’d left the safety of his side since coming to the orphanage. He had spent most of the evening thinking about this decision but understood, it was time, it was necessary and it was absolutely terrifying. “Just keep putting one step in front of the other, you can do it,” Grampa said looking directly at Peekaboo and Zoey with a smile. Peekaboo and Zoey knew exactly where the old man had gotten that from, looking to each other, then to their sister Dipsy happily eating her Elphie-O’s seemingly oblivious to the journey that lay before her.
  11. I could have sworn I seen something related to this saying the other castles were going to be in play with this update. Outside Dion
  12. Go take a day and center yourself. Don't delete that character, you'll regret doing so.
  13. lul

  14. This. If I understand this correctly tanks with enough expendable income are due to become indestructible.. thoughts?
  15. scam event??

    You know as you type that out... it's hard to believe that's actual money being spent on a "Chance" of a reward or payout. This is dangerously close to a online casino in allot of ways. I'm surprised they can do this legally when you look at the mechanic on paper.
  16. NOMADS - Got that Nomad Soul?

    Good for you.
  17. Recruiting NA / EU English speaking main characters We have a little something for everyone. In-mail Punish or Whisper Necrolious, Goodygoody, Phraust, Kaijujoe for NA membership Balna for EU membership Or the more direct route: Join our discord and wave your hands around like you've been set on fire. Someone will eventually notice you. https://discord.gg/UjzmUq4
  18. Fatal Counter? srsly?

    That Thanks for the chuckle
  19. My thoughts taking everything into consideration. Level 70 Raid boss requirement for Baium and Zaken pretty much guarantees server Aden and Gludio won't down those raid bosses for a good while. Personally, I play what I consider casual+ and judging by my friend's list I just don't see any legitimate attempt occurring for a LONG time. With the introduction of the other castles for a siege we will get some content and gameplay out of those endeavors but by and large, I think we've just entered into the "Long" haul stages of this game. What I mean by that is pretty simple. We're entering a stage of the game where the majority of players will really, really, really feel the grind. I feel like once the B grade market gets firmly saturated (on aden) and most nostalgic players outfit their characters in full B we will have a problem on our hands that will really affect player retention. - We will eventually have a full B grade community/player base - There will be very little A grade for a good period of time - Population continues to dwindle which will = even less chance of A-grade material drops - Adena value loss If no NEW Daily is introduced to ease the level 60 to 78+ grind what we will have will be like a stagnant progression journey for a lot of your servers core players. In a nutshell people will hit a point and ask themselves ( Why am I doing this? ) and those players will leave before next content patch. Now before anyone thinks differently the real part of their marketing strategy that sticks out the most is the "sign up" for the in-game item for a patch release. Things like the attendance events and sign-up's this have a dual function associated with them, which is to judge player activity / engagement. I would love to see some of those internal numbers. Anyways, allowing clan hall auctions before a server merge had me thinking they had no intention of merging servers for a while, now I'm even more convinced of that assumption. Bottom line, where ever you find yourself, whichever server that may be, will be your server for a good couple months more. The population will most likely continue to trend downward as people start to hit a progression wall while others attempt to keep moving forward by buying massive amounts of now "cheap" adena to chase after very few and far between pieces of A grade. You're going to see some pretty ridiculous prices for A Grade.
  20. Already being written, if you guys want to get some pictures whisper me in game. Enclave war story ties allot of sub-plots amongst the servers warring factions together so, it actually was an interesting plot twist for me. The stories of TDH, Carebearz, Enclave and TheResistance are incredibly complex stories that really can't be told in a forum post.
  21. Waiting for my newest Phantom Ranger... C'mon Drowl! Way to go buddy
  22. https://forums.lineage2.com/forum/53-fan-creations/ So there was a game, I just really love it. Checking the lineage 2 forums today and seeing they'd made a new sub-section for player content and knowing it was most likely because of something I'd contributed back into the game seriously means a great deal. I have to completely acknowledge @Tightskies is a completely independent writer that somehow become attracted into my little world i've created and has given me one of the greatest gifts I think I've ever received from a stranger. I touched their imagination and became the inspiration. This is really freaking cool!
  23. And then one day NCwest decided to create an entire sub-section of their classic forums to player made content....
  24. "The choices we make can never be taken back, be completely undone, or apologized for enough. Your actions and honor will follow you throughout your time in Aden. This is your story, your lineage, how would you have it written?" ~ Legendary Lord Punish The North Bridge of Giran Reeling in his latest catch Punish noticed the time, it was evening… again. Long ago he had found he could fish outside the north gate of Giran for hours on end, endlessly ponder on different scenarios as he filled the fishing guilds work orders. Clan projects, Skirmish Reports or Political issues across the realm continually occupy their fair share of his mind. Tonight had been no different. For some time, Aden had been relatively quiet, its citizens going about their daily professions with little interruption. There had been some fighting in the North as there always is, but by-and-large the realm had been at peace. But as the long winter neared its end the Lord of Clan Legendary knew peace was a fragile thing as spring invited those with enough ambition to break it. “It was nice while it lasted…..” Punish said aloud sighing softly. Stowing his bait and tackle the phantom ranger called upon his faithful agathion Pheonix. “There’s my pretty bird, Blaze. Hunt! Go find some us some super.” Punish commanded, Blaze dutifully obeyed the lord's order soaring away across the water in search of their evening meal. Punish watched enviously as the regal bird did so, a phoenix is eternal, it lives its life, dies enveloped in flame and is reborn from the ashes to live again. He had instantly bonded with the bird the first time he had seen it in the Luxury shop. Galladucci, still a bit incensed by the young lord’s history with his wife Alexandria had no choice but to sell the animal by law. The Ivory Tower ensures any transaction using the aNcient Coin cannot be denied sale. After being fitted with the agathions bracelet from Collector Pona, Blaze had been bound to him for life. With dinner on order and his tackle packed, the guildsman's work order of 1000 fresh fish was in need of delivery. Punish looked over his effort and was pleased with his results, the Fishing Guild made all manner of ready to eat Fish Stews that were helpful in any adventurers daily hunting, making the fish a currency of sorts that could be traded for items or sold for adena. The clan had been hard at work for several weeks gathering the fish, trading the items and accumulating quite a war chest toward future endeavors. The sheer scope of the wealth put many things about Aden into perspective and in some ways a malaise of spirit had taken root over the young leader, not for lack of enthusiasm for the realm but for the sheer possibility of choices the wealth had thrust upon him. In many ways, Punish understood he now had to make very deliberate choices that would affect his entire Lineage. He knew there would be no second chances to reconsider after certain actions had been made. With the completed work order packaged, it was time to prepare for delivery. The Legendary Lord called upon another of his agathion companions acquired during his many travels, albeit this particular one always seemed to test his patience. Bracing himself before speaking the incantation, Punish summoned agathion Joy. “Good Moooooorningggg ADEN!” the bright yellow smiling sun agathion said as it materialized into existence. “It’s night time Joy” Punish, corrects. “EVENING then!” smiles Joy, “What are we up to today?!.... err Night! Can we go to Forrest of Mirrors?!”. “No, I’m done hunting for the day Joy” replied Punish, “I need..”. “What ABOUT we go to TOI again! Oh.My.God last time was sooooo much fun!” Joy interrupted. “No, I don’t want to go par….” Punish edged in. “BETTER IDEA! Let’s go Summon all the clans and go KILL A RAID BOSS RIGHT NOW! They’ll never see us coming at night!” Joy exclaimed with enough positive energy to cook the fishing guilds work order. “Okay. No. Chill out!” Punish chastises sternly, “I need to travel to Gludio Joy!”. “Oh Gludio NO Problem, why didn’t you just say so? Here we go!” Joy responded unphased by the young lords commanding tone. Punish mused for a moment in that one quality Joy had above all others, you could call Joy every name in the realm and the Agathion would never lose his Joyful demeanor, at times it could be fairly therapeutic to release a tirade at Joy only to have his smiling face respond in kind. Joy in an instant spun in place and world around them that was the North Giran bridge faded from view only to rematerialize as the Town Square of Gludio. “Here you are My Lord, the Town of Gludio!” Joy boasted with a smile from ear to ear. Punish already at his maximum “Joy” for the day, restrained himself from turning around and punching the eternal cheer machine in the face. “I know what the town of Gludio looks like Joy.” Punish said in a matter-of-fact tone. “Hey, that’s Fantastic! I knew you could do it!” Joy genuinely responds without even a hint of sarcasm. To be completely honest he’d have never taken on Joy as a companion agathion if not for his ability to teleport between Aden’s townships. That fact alone was worth more than the torture of enduring unbridled, undeterred, unimaginably endless positivity. So Joy was now bound to the Legendary Lord for life just as Blaze had been. Punish just stared upon the undisputable avatar of happiness and rolled his eyes. It would be a long life. Looking across the sparsely populated square he laments at the current state the town finds itself in. Gludio had once been the center of trade, quests, and groups for many of Aden’s citizens, but these days many have moved on in rank on to larger challenges or left the realm entirely. To his left the legendary lord looked upon the magic shop fondly, buying all manner of potions and supplies from the grocer, then setting off in any direction toward adventure. “You know Joy, I ran around for days the very first time I came to Gludio searching for spell books, I wonder if the same grocer still works this shop.” Punish mused. “Let’s go find out!” Joy beamed in response. Entering the small shop was l like a time warp, it was here during “Prelude” many memories were created and seared in the Phantom Rangers mind. With each professional rank as your adena grew toward your first class transfer, it always led back to this town and its shops to see what new piece of equipment or skill might be within reach. “Hail, Harmony!” Punish said beaming upon the sight of a familiar face. “Oh Punish! It’s been so long since I’ve seen you in the shop! Not since your Ratman Chief Raid… I see you’ve risen quite high in rank. How have you been?” Harmony asked. Punish found himself gazing for a moment briefly into the distance, much had happened over the course of this Winter, some of the events had been especially hard for him to accept. Without realizing his own movement, the lords right hand had moved to hold his left bicep as if coddling an old wound. Harmony, becoming aware of the unusual cadence of conversation added, “My Lord?”. “Oh, I’m sorry…” Punish replied, shaking his head as if waking from a brief dream. “Much, has happened… very much.” Punish answered solemnly. “Can I help you find anything?” Harmony inquired. “Oh, ha. Why am I standing before you, of course!” Punish answered released from his trance, he was in fact in a place of business. “I’m here to drop off some fish for the Fishing Guildsman, collect some supplies and go for a stroll.” Punish said flashing a devilish smile in Harmonies direction. “You know, I’m best friends with Alexandria of Giran right?” Harmony was quick to retort with a half-cocked eyebrow and a “I-know-more-than-you’d-want-me-to” stare, words rolling off her tongue like tiny daggers, veiled with enough professional courtesy to clearly relay the message. Punish was quick to conclude further overtures Harmonies direction were futile and quickly reverted to humor to defuse the tension. “Well, pointless to bark up your tree yea?” Punish stated, “Yup!” smiled Harmony. “Oooookay then…” came the lord's acknowledgment, message received. Punish delivered the guildsman's work order, relayed his hunting supplies list to Harmony and looked over the shop. Some things had changed, most noticeably the new Symbol Maker services that had originated in Giran were now available in the Gludio shop, Punish had gotten his first tattoo there but had been thinking of another. Just then a worn and dusty tome just behind Harmony caught the Legendary Lords attention. “Harmony, may I see that spellbook behind you there?” asked Punish. “That old thing? Oh My Lord, its just a low ranking training skill, you’d have no use for it.” Harmony replied without a thought. For most of Aden’s citizens that would be true, but not for Punish. The path he’d chosen to take had been one of selfless sacrifice, whilst most all others freely spent their accumulated skill on learning special combat abilities, Punish had been training to raise the clan, rarely had he indulged in a new skill to enhance his combat effectiveness. “I’ll take it” Punish stated plainly, time to live a little he thought to himself. Exiting the shop he moved to the center of the Square and took another look at the town 1000’s of citizens would soon lose their lives over. As he walked to the North Gate He thought of the Summit of Lords and all that had happened from then until now, all of the hopes and dreams, the planning, the choices that have been made or yet to be made. Life in Aden was so much simpler when you first arrived at Gludios gates before the push and pull of ambition sets each citizen, clan or alliance in motion through to completion of their own unique story. Staring from his vantage point the glorious towers of Gludio Castle loomed before him just as they had done years before. It’s majestic walls reaching for the heavens that had once seemed insurmountable upon first witnessing them, now seemed slightly smaller, less intimidating. Looking to the castle and then to the tome he’d just purchased, the young lord wiped the dust from the cover of his first skill purchase in 40 ranks, he found it was amusing he was just now learning the skill Power Break at the rank of 57 but sacrifices had to be made. “Senātus Populusque Rōmānus, and I am the ashes.” Punish spoke aloud deep in thought. … … … … “WHOA, Cryptic LIKE NOTHING else! HA!” Joy exclaimed barely able to contain himself any longer. “LOL, what did that MEAN?! I mean I was all there with you until that!”. Punish looked upon joy with an emotionless and steely gaze... … … … … “THAT’S IT!” Screamed the Legendary Lord. “How do I use this damn SKILL?!” Punish demanded, thumbing through the pages reading vigorously, was it “Abracadabra”, “GO”, “POWER BREAK NOW”. Frustrated Punish resorted to WHAT he had on hand and the low-level training skill book itself became the optimal weapon for Joy slaying. “C’mere you little twerp!” Punish yelled raising the skill book above his head chasing Joy through the streets of Gludio.
  25. Clan Hall Auctions