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  1. Questing While on Party

    It should be like that, right? But there seems to be a bug that even on quests where you have to just kill monsters, the amount doesn't add up. In "To Calm The Flood", we need to kill 200 Satyrs and 200 Fairies. My friend and I completed the "Kill 500 monsters" quest from our guild twice while doing only this quest. We also found lots of bots, which we couldn't report since we can do that only 30 mins at time.
  2. Questing While on Party

    Can we get those "drop X items from <group of monsters>" replaced with just "kill X amount of monsters"? When on party, I've noticed that the items goes to only one of the party members. And it also seems really random. That makes the quest take double the amount of time to complete while on party. Meanwhile, "Kill X amount of enemies" quests are done in half the time. Either change the quests or make so that the item drops from the monsters goes to every party member, instead of just one at time.