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  1. fishing problem

    im speaking as a new f2p cuz that rod is expensive and thats what i wrote before how to make money to buy that rod at the first place, you telling me i use fancy rod lol...
  2. fishing problem

    how do u make 300 with normal fishing rod? cuz those zodiac are like 5m, powerful are like 3m (and u dont get a lot) nimble and ugly are very cheap so how the hell u make 300?
  3. fishing problem

    i understand that the game is p2w, but even with fishing u cant make adenas. when i played in EU at least u could make some adenas with fishing just u need PA to open more than 1 acc. but since u cant make adena with fish idk how to, and codex are cheap compared to there
  4. hello, i had an old account but only one character, while in another one had 3, but still i cant create another one on each of them. And i want to create a second one on the acc i have my old main? is there anyway to create 2 char at the same account? thnx
  5. New Account, can't create first character.

    13 may cant create new char on a new acc
  6. Best Yul?

    Pick what you like not what people tell you. i picked kamael cuz i like it and the wing type class (i hate cloaks really)

    HELLO, i want to reroll to a new class, i like the ertheia ones, and i want to chose seer since will be a bit cheaper if i pick dual mage and got same gear + weapon. is this class good since i dont see many around thanks
  8. enhanced exalted weapon

    i have the exalted free from lv 105 i also was able to get soul orfen, tezza, aq and baium. also bought a +8 r95 fist weapon 2sa 300 is it good? omst of the adena i had from previous characters, old ones VERY OLD but managed to make some good money. sold the mentee. i think is not that bad to join IT or is the enhanced exalted better than my +8 weapon ? idk where to try dps
  9. enhanced exalted weapon

    hello, i recently got the enchance exalted, it looks it has good stats, but still people in IT dont want that. they prefer better someone with +8 r95 weapon 2sa 300 rather exalted. even thought that r95 has lower dmg and exalted has pve dmg? any can explain this to me please why ?
  10. class after 99

    oh thnx for the kind answer yea im currently (strangely) mage/summ dark elf 89/98 and opened a kamael yul trickster/dual dagger wind rider. idk i liked the idea of wings ;p yea daggers are assassins i know they are good in 1v1 or 1vboss smth. summoners are lazy and boring sometimes just easy to grind in blasing swamp, rift95 easy with macro. think ill keep what i got regards
  11. class after 99

    hello, im currently mage/summ which i use both same gear robe + retri. but which class is more usefull after 99, mostly pve dungeons farming etc to have mage/summ or archer/dagger. i rerolled once so i could make some adena and equip archer and dagger since they need different weapons and on mage summ i can use the same even for armor i have dark elf mage/summ and want to open kamael archer/dagger i like the wing style xbow class thank you
  12. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    are u trolling or what?? drop from dungeons, fortuna used to drop full tw pieces, istina, kartia etc...from mobs u can at least increase gold gaining. and not they can make the game less looking that BDO, so the afk macro not to last for weeks and weeks but ok remove the mob farm drop, DUNGEONS???? they drop nothing nothing at all just modify weapons so yea u are wrong at a whole new magical level. and for real? did some1 pay you to comment these things or what? "Ppl should start pay some money in game or play without too much expectation." why do i have to pay? for convience ofc, outfits, xp runes etc. but seriously dont defend game needs dungeon drop back cuz people cant go lv 99 with S grade weapon or immortal cuz no one wants them in parties
  13. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    i did not ignored what i said, you did. i said to have drops at low level dungeons from 85-99, like those i mentioned before. i understood your "magical" way of making adena which i know perfectly so dont tell me its a secret well guarded. its just there is no way on making adenas, or it is but that is very low like in-existent. but well see till i go 99 or 100 or whatever the level cuz even lv up is hard if u dont get things from shop or afk macro 24/7
  14. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    ok i understand, but how we supose to gear up ? with s-grade items till lv 99 or use requiem for free mentee certificates? yes they can bring drops and max will change are the prices on the market. cus not all people have all day to grind or leave char afk macro cuz even that you need a second char ISS or find a party afk macro to grind somewhere idk. doing istina/octavis and max u get is an EAR its crazy. so yea drops will make things way easier for new players not just old players. i know game is old etc etc, i used to play on Magmeld LONG TIME AGO, but the drop removing was crazy and now i try to keep up but is hard
  15. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    bring back drops from the dungeons, kartia fortuna istina and all the way up. drops from mobs, in BS used to drop full piece or requiem now nothing. Bring them and more people will play this cuz max we get is an appearance stone