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  1. class after 99

    oh thnx for the kind answer yea im currently (strangely) mage/summ dark elf 89/98 and opened a kamael yul trickster/dual dagger wind rider. idk i liked the idea of wings ;p yea daggers are assassins i know they are good in 1v1 or 1vboss smth. summoners are lazy and boring sometimes just easy to grind in blasing swamp, rift95 easy with macro. think ill keep what i got regards
  2. class after 99

    hello, im currently mage/summ which i use both same gear robe + retri. but which class is more usefull after 99, mostly pve dungeons farming etc to have mage/summ or archer/dagger. i rerolled once so i could make some adena and equip archer and dagger since they need different weapons and on mage summ i can use the same even for armor i have dark elf mage/summ and want to open kamael archer/dagger i like the wing style xbow class thank you
  3. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    are u trolling or what?? drop from dungeons, fortuna used to drop full tw pieces, istina, kartia etc...from mobs u can at least increase gold gaining. and not they can make the game less looking that BDO, so the afk macro not to last for weeks and weeks but ok remove the mob farm drop, DUNGEONS???? they drop nothing nothing at all just modify weapons so yea u are wrong at a whole new magical level. and for real? did some1 pay you to comment these things or what? "Ppl should start pay some money in game or play without too much expectation." why do i have to pay? for convience ofc, outfits, xp runes etc. but seriously dont defend game needs dungeon drop back cuz people cant go lv 99 with S grade weapon or immortal cuz no one wants them in parties
  4. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    i did not ignored what i said, you did. i said to have drops at low level dungeons from 85-99, like those i mentioned before. i understood your "magical" way of making adena which i know perfectly so dont tell me its a secret well guarded. its just there is no way on making adenas, or it is but that is very low like in-existent. but well see till i go 99 or 100 or whatever the level cuz even lv up is hard if u dont get things from shop or afk macro 24/7
  5. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    ok i understand, but how we supose to gear up ? with s-grade items till lv 99 or use requiem for free mentee certificates? yes they can bring drops and max will change are the prices on the market. cus not all people have all day to grind or leave char afk macro cuz even that you need a second char ISS or find a party afk macro to grind somewhere idk. doing istina/octavis and max u get is an EAR its crazy. so yea drops will make things way easier for new players not just old players. i know game is old etc etc, i used to play on Magmeld LONG TIME AGO, but the drop removing was crazy and now i try to keep up but is hard
  6. Salvation: Etina’s Fate Coming August 22

    bring back drops from the dungeons, kartia fortuna istina and all the way up. drops from mobs, in BS used to drop full piece or requiem now nothing. Bring them and more people will play this cuz max we get is an appearance stone
  7. Hello fellas ! NEw in game.

    i dont know what is GK, but dagger is good on 1v1 like usually. for main idk what to chose is up to you what u like to play. about lv till 85 follow quest u get e letter and follow them. subs are easier to do since do the quest with main and take reward with sub so gg but for what to play see and play what u want. daggers are not very usefull on bosses just that CW they got and poison zone (im not a dagger expert just my idea) wait for some other answer or play and see
  8. New start

    Oh well storm screamer is Dark Elf so that is great i think ill get that and dual well... will be summoner since i can use both armor/weapon for that and same accessories or whatever illl try it tonight to open one and i hope i fastlevel them since i hate the part 76-85 its so dramatic and boring You are very kind on the answers thanks man See ya in game
  9. New start

    So humans have 2 types of feohs at 85? and i read kamael has also a feoh type class? is it good SO after this 6.5 hours maintenance what you suggest i try, cuz i wanna pick smth good to try which race and what feoh type, since i love mage classes and feoh has insane aoe skills and i have the retri i bought one
  10. New start

    I forgot to tell about that feoh class you said Can you explain which feoh race to pick and why (you said sultake what race is that) cuz i was looking online and they were 4 types o feoh
  11. New start

    Hello, first thnk for the kind answer and ill add you in game (after maintenance :P) the problem is cuz i opened a seer and made dual summoner but people keep telling me both classes are trash. Seer seems fun and summoner i chose cuz first the Beastsoulshots are easy to make, its an easy class on bosses pet attack and macro on mark skills plus 1-2 others. and ertheia has no subclasses and it easier to make it and the dual directly 85 what is this about archers with no cd on points? But mage summoner would be better i can use same armor and weapon for them cuz not much money to spend on different armor/weapon. or archer dagger/summoner Regards
  12. NewBie wana talk in game

    What class to start as a new char, i mean main/dual ? i prefer DD to play (no heal or tank) i wanted to go seer and summ but people say dont thnx
  13. New start

    so what would you suggest ? to open as a main dual ? (no tank heal, i play dd)
  14. New start

    Hello, I wanna start a new char (and since im lazy :p) i wanna go ertheia, seer and dual summoner, i can use same armor and weapon i believe. are those classes good to lv up in pvp and pve ? Thanks
  15. Ertheia Dual Class

    Hello, I am erthia mage main class, what is the best dual to select, most people told me mage, but i wanted summoner (i can use summ with robe) and same weapon ofc. I like mage but summ is lazier to farm IMO. what do u think. And what should i use as Dyes for both main/dual ? Cuz for armor and weapon im using same robe + retri (not much adenas to spend :p) thank you