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  1. Destroyers are phenomenal in PVE, and also benefit from polearm mastery. Guts is great for solo AOE. If you have a warlord or a tank, Frenzy AOE is overpowered. Single target is also incredibly strong.
  2. First sentence literally okays multiboxing. You press a key, it broadcasts that key to the game. One press - one action. You could have multiple keyboards setup with a rubber band and a stick (someone posted pictures) and that's one press - one action. You could have a hardware splitter for one keyboard and multiple machines (which is what I use) again: one key press, one action on each machine. Broadcasting software like autohotkey or Input Director also serve the same function. Provided it's one keypress and only broadcasts out one keypress. Perfectly okay.
  3. It's not bannable. People get upset because "Third Party Software" but they all didn't read the EULA which only forbids third party software that modifies or interacts with the game - things which broadcasting software doesn't do. 8. PROHIBITED AND IRREPARABLY HARMFUL ACTIVITIES CONCERNING NCSOFT (c) Use, or provide others with, any software related to the Game, including any automation software (a.k.a. "bot") or software designed to change or modify operation of the Game; ----------- Multiboxing is 100% acceptable provided you're not AFK running some looping macros. But
  4. You guys literally have had "unscheduled maintenance" at 2pm Thursday for the last three thursdays. How about we call it "regularly scheduled maintenance" at this point?
  5. My block list went from 125+ players down to 0 after server restarts. They purged a lot of accounts. I don't know if that means they were banned at that time too. For reference, by block list is back up to 22. Gold sellers are relentless.
  6. I would also like to add that from my perspective, VIP4 is becoming a liability. My leveling is out-pacing the amount of adena earned to the point that the only D-grade item I've bought for a character by level 30 is a crafted, mid-level D-grade 1h sword; zero jewelry; and if it wasn't for the Moonguard set, I'd have no armor, either. It makes more sense for me to not pay NCoin to avoid any VIP so I spend more time in the fields slowly leveling up, that way my character actually has the gear it needs to survive at its level. The only benefit for me is faster log-ins, but this game neve
  7. I've read the rules, and there's no language referencing "automation", but rather - Third-Party Software. There have been replies people have gotten from support about the use of macro keyboards like logitech g-series keyboards or from a Nostromo where it's stated that they do not have problems with those keyboard macros provided they do not automate anything beyond what a human would do with "one key press - one action". They explicitly stated that using automation to spam CP potions was allowed because it's one key press, one action (spam CP pots). Tying a rubber band and a stick aro
  8. Lol. That's not automation. Automation is when input is created automatically without human input.
  9. I had fun during letter collector when they had a screenshot contest But I really like any kind of GM event where we get hour long buffs and transformed into ELPYS http://l2101.gtm.lineage2.com/content-images/contest/CinnamonToast (Chronos).png
  10. How do you figure? People playing like that could very well be 100% legitimate and abide by the EULA/TOS. I control a 9 character party with 9 computers where they all /assist /attack a single target. All without automation or any third-party software.
  11. The easiest place to find the EULA is by loading the game client. You know that screen you click agree on right before you're shown the server selection screen? That's the EULA/TOS. It applies to both the live and classic servers. There are also links to the license agreement in the legal page on lineage2.com Here is the EULA you see when you log in: https://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/lineage-2/lineage-2-user-agreement.php Here are the rules of conduct: https://us.ncsoft.com/en/legal/lineage-2/lineage-2-rules-of-conduct.php There are also othe
  12. Toast

    7 BOX

    It's 3 per PC. There's no limit on how many PCs you can connect (for personal use), short of cost of owning multiple PCs, access to adequate power, and... provided you don't need to violate any other NCSoft rules to do so. There is a provision in the EULA that forbids the use of an internet cafe to play from if you're outside North America or Europe But I think that's mostly to dissuade gold farming operations.
  13. Not only this, but the quest mob that spawns from the goblins has the same HP modifier, too!
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