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  1. Oh my god, that "balance" reasoning.
  2. You Killed it...The Game I mean..

    Took you a while to figure it Devs/moderators/managers/whatever-they-are, simply don't have the rights to do that - everything is up to NC Korea. The first warning sign was the pendant event, that everything would just get worse and worse.
  3. They do. Just look at few recent posters, who are eager to buy pendants again. It's a simple fact that there will always, always be people who will pay for whatever advantage they can get. Buy pendants, sell them to gold farmers, spend that gold on the same gear they've gathered on their bots that are farming raids, lel
  4. Isn't it amazing, how bad management can push server from a healthy, populated one to a rotting carcass? I went to 'official' Discord... there were people posting screens from time when the servers launched. It looked amazing: vendors everywhere, massive amounts of people getting together to do those low level raids, etc... everything's gone now.