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  1. The Event today started 13:00 my time...In Giran Server. At 13:10 cake was at 0% hp. And it stayed there at 0% untyl 13:35. At that point i desided to leave and not wait again 2 hours for nothing like LAST NIGHT'S CAKE. And went out to run some chores, only to find out 10 mins later at 13:45 Fioti spawned and everyone got their exp. NC Soft, or what ever this company's name is, you should learn how to do your job better. We are paying costumers here, with lives and other things to do than siting for a bugged event 2 hours and in the end get nothing. You tested the first day of the event, every
  2. This is the real server buddy. You are all crying about the low rates and adena/drop/exp/sp because there was an event for the last 4 weeks that doubled exp/sp and adena rates. If you were smart enough to read about the server before joining you would have noticed that. Plus they say that the server is x0.7. Its not even x1!! This is a server for hard core gamers if you deside to not pay or keep it to the minimum level. If you had all that info and you desided to play here and now bleep about it, go somewhere else! NC soft is kind enought to put events time to time to help the people that a
  3. Have you decided that this server isnt for you anymore? You dont like playing here? Leaving is your only option? Then dont waste your efforts and items! Feel free to mail your items to me in Giran server and become part of my character!! GL <3
  4. For some reason the last hour im getting dc'd in all my client. I relogin, everything is good for 10 mins and i dc again! Whats going on? Is it something with the server? (Giran server)
  5. I'm sorry you feel that way. Its true alot of people do that. But you cant talk about me without knowing me. I wont say what i've done or what experiences i have from playing l2. But first join my raids, then see me taking all drops (or not) and then publice your opinion.
  6. All people that want to join for raid bosses they are more than welcome to do so! The minimum levels are 30 and max is 45. 1) We start regroup in 30 mins from now. 2)Drops are for everyone to get and share with. 3)More people that come the more raids we will kill. 4)Reccomented weapon is Cursed Maingauche. Bring your friends and join for a unique experiance! Lets have some fun!! For further information pm DrogoKhal in game or SnowGaze.
  8. Thanks. The first logic answer that i got on this post. When someone has a serious answer or a gm reads it ill be waiting for a reply or an e-mail. The ban was not valid because i wasnt boting. I'm sure they can check if i ever used a 3rd party program. I wouldnt make this post and risk getting banned on my other tunes aswell if i had my nest full of shit.
  9. The banning problem is real. Lots and lots of people are getting randomly banned for no reason at all. I see everyday atleast 30 different characters using some kind of automated gameplay. And how i know? When i pass a spot with 5 mobs and i see 15 people running arround to kill the same mob, or passing threw a spot 3 days in a raw and the same people are there 24/7 not taking a breath. Anyhow i got banned on my low level bishop and i wasnt even playing with him. For the last 4 days i had him siting in town giving me buffs whenever i was returning to town. I sented many e-mails to regard my is
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