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  1. hi I went to put SA in my bow and I saw that he is not adding to my Guidance. should you give me +2.47 https://ibb.co/BPn3qTv https://ibb.co/nQ91CSK
  2. best suport for dwarf

    maestro PP nos is god ? have much bufs.
  3. best suport for dwarf

    PP or WC or SE or EE ?
  4. hi my go to creater dwarf spoil / maestro. whats sup is good for help dwarf lvl up. PP ? or WC ? or SE or E.E. thx for help
  5. h my have only question for class tank in classic version. What tank is best for pve/ pvp ?
  6. Hi Is this correct? Server Chronos https://ibb.co/fj4p6x