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  1. Clan is Crimson Tide, Level 11 clan. Only a couple of active players because the clan leader died (yes, IRL) and we cannot figure out how to contact his wife or family. GMs won't do jack to help. We are stuck because only one player is elite and cannot grow clan. Any suggestions?
  2. I started playing in 2004 and I quit the game in late 2006 after extreme grinding and countless hours of play with NO CHEATING only got me to level 56. Those endless grinds of killing the same set of mobs for hours and hours at a time was not fun, and there were so many bugs in the game that GMs were spending most of their time getting people unstuck from the scenery. I came back in 2011 to a game better suited to quicker advancement, not as many drops, less adena, but the game was now FREE. It was obvious that NC Soft was not seeking or implementing recommendations from a game theory s
  3. All of those old buffs! And I remember how long it used to take just to get to level 70. Part of the reason I quit the game the first time.
  4. I received the email survey and was happy that NCSoft is at least doing some type of outreach. It shows that they care just a tiny bit, because the lack of communication, the 0 Adena drops, the ridiculous prices to gamble for items, and the crazy inflation is completely out of control. I know that a lot of people bish and moan about this game on the forums, but I see that as built-up player frustration from players that love the game and want to be heard and have been ignored. From where we sit as players, there hasn't been much listening/communication lately which always leads to
  5. 1. California 2. xxSadiexx, Aeore Shillien Saint/ISS Spectral Dancer 3. Originally from Lionna now on Chronos 4. Level 101 on both 5. Played 2004 - 2006 as Healer (back when the healer was also the buffer), got really tired of the endless grinding for such little xp, and went to grad school, so I quit the game. Came back in 2013 and started all over because I didn't save my account in 2009.
  6. Why is there a day/time frequency limit on the Ceremony of Chaos? Those of us that have not spent $5000 USD for the >+10 PvP weapons and armor have little to no chance of ever winning. The only time I won was during a very slow period and there were only 3 participants. If Ceremony of Chaos was available 24/7, this would hopefully dilute the player pool and give some of us an actual chance of winning. Now that there are clan quests tied to winning, I wish NCSoft West would open an avenue for us to be successful.
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