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  1. vip 4 and I do 2,5kkk xp at ev ..0 drops and 0 adena....waste of money and time...
  2. I do 2,5kkk at ev last night and 0 adena is that normal??? the other days I was have lil drop last night 0... I think adena need se fix.. can afford not even tps... ssb not even for fun... mobs less than 40 .. drop more adena than mob lv60 this is not normal...
  3. y i know but even like that its rly low the drop ratio... 1/5 or 4/10 at best not even the ss who use dont worth only high DDs would be xp on that zones who do 2 hit the mobs
  4. i think the amount of adena drop its fine.. but the drop ratio from mob its little low... if u use ss u ll not get ur money back i mean... like 4/10 mobs drop adena the amount its ok but the ratio bad....
  5. 3 client cap doesnt work so we can use as mutch we want or bug from update???
  6. just try to log in server ''online'' and cant log in... have any1 of you the same problem???
  7. what about his dmg.. skill landing.. farm..
  8. have anyone high lvl AW for give us some infos about him for pvp/pve??
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