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  1. They work in NCKorea so I'm pretty sure they should be working here too.
  2. Well, after today's Olympiad I realized that now dagger class is completely useless. One has to just simply Auto attack and you cannot do anything about it and consequently you cannot land any skills in the back of my enemy, nor the side. It this over-nerf didn't just remove trick/switch but consequently removed backstab from the equation. Now daggers have to play like tanks and attack enemies in the face with skills which completely kills the class. The whole point of the class is to be an Assassin, squishy but with high dmg output that requires skillful players to use trick/switch side steps
  3. Dear NCSoft developers, I do not clearly understand what was the point of removing cancel target skills and making Trick and Switch completely useless in PvP and 1vs1/9vs9 situations, in fact it's so useless that the skill will not be used at all after this update as it's doesn't work to mobs either. How is a dagger player supposed to get behind the enemy to land it's skills? I mean this is what daggers are all about trick/switch then step behind the enemy and use skill. Now with this update it's impossible to go behind a nuker, tank or any character that just stands and auto attacks. The
  4. Amazing no more perma- cc in olympiad ! Amazing update of the olympiad, perhaps potions are not necessary but the buffs are an amazing addition!
  5. Quick question for @Juji. Will the fruits in this event be deleted after the event is over? Thank you for your response.
  6. When are Super Runes going to be brought back? Its a huge thing for some classes... Please fix them bring them back.
  7. Several databases point to the fact that TH (2nd class transfer) levels the skill Bleed up until level 70. However, the skill is available for leveling upon changing to Adventurer (3rd class) and the success rate of landing returns to its normal stat. In NCSoft the skill is .... missing? There is no way to learn bleed past 76 because it's just not there... which makes this skill completely useless on characters 74+. This is a very important skill for daggers especially in 1vs1. Please fix this @Juji or at least let us know if it's working as intended. Regards
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