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  1. Did they remove these HDR Rendering effects? I really enjoyed the HDR Rendering, they made my Graphics much more bright and vivid, the graphics were amazing with them turned on. Now I can't seem to find them and my graphics are back to being very plain and dull. Makes me sad. (Shouldn't be my Video Card: NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti ). Help! https://djent713.wixsite.com/djent713Instagram: @djent713Discord: djent713#8069
  2. I main a Spellsinger. My full CP is SpS, PP, EE, SE, BD, SwS: All 75+, but I would like to join an active diverse clan and just play ONE character if possible. I haven't played in a long time because I have never found a solid active clan to join on T.I. Seeking Active English Speaking Clan, CST Time Zone (for communication purposes). Looking for end game content players grouping together for Bosses, PvE, PvP, etc. Thanks. -WintairShade https://djent713.wixsite.com/djent713Instagram: @djent713Discord: djent713#8069
  3. Granted it's no Cake Raid 400 mill exp + SP a day. Frankly I don't understand the logic going from 400 mill a day 12 billion total to a very small portion of that in just 2 weeks of event and no sp to get any skills lol, but I guess something is better than nothing. We can thank the people that exploited the event, for messing it up (making hundreds of accounts to lock up the server for free exp). Not the Devs fault, at least they did something for the rest of the community when majority of these people will just cheat and exploit first chance they get, with no regard for anyone else
  4. I agree. I am an active paying subscriber with 6 VIP accounts. I have not logged in since the Cake Event fail and probably won't be anytime soon. Shame.
  5. I did. I put lots of my money in. No more though. I'm pissed.
  6. So 400,000,000 XP (400 million exp a day in 5 minutes, 12 billion exp in a month) on multiple chars, down to grinding solo 34,000 XP per mob for endless hours on end around nothing but bots to get maybe a million XP a day, if you can put that kinda time in. Perfect.
  7. You're right bro, but the fact is they added the event, and now there should be rectification for the mess up. 400,000,000 (400 million exp) exp a day for 1 month = approximately 12,400,000,000 (12 billion 400 million exp) for participating in eating/hitting the cake. Now they messed it up and we no longer get the gear, or the exp, and are expected to grind with 150 xp/sp rates, which will be nowhere near that equivalent. I'm sorry, this just is unacceptable.
  8. I have to say I agree. I am so tired of having to play/level/grind around a bunch of people afk all the time. I'm playing a game in a virtual world where nobody is @ their keyboard anymore and this new event is just going to make it that much worse. The Cake Event at least allowed for everyone to catch up to start doing end-game content, and stop helping farmers for illegal sales just to get exp, experience high level bosses/sieges/pvp, high level group activities, and playing against people actually at their computers and not running bot trains. I may try the event, but I thin
  9. How many times have we done levels 1-70 by now.. Come on, the Cake Event allowed to bring some totally new content for people that have never gotten that far in-game. Lineage 2 is 15+ years old.. nobody is trying to grind anymore, get real. Would be nice to actually do some end-game content for once without having to start over and over and over... and over.. and over.. and over.
  10. This is what was come up with? Very disappointing. The Cake Event would have given everyone the ability to easily catch up to 80 for end-game content and an attempt to level the playing field for an unbalanced geared out server. Now potentially the only the people who will take advantage of this 150 XP/SP event are the people who bot/grind 24/7. What about the rest of us who don't bot/can't grind 24/7? I can't believe I am going to complain with everyone else, but this is sad and very disappointing to say the least.
  11. Since all everyone wants to do is complain, I am going to bring some balance to the conversation and do the opposite. Yes the event didn't go as planned (that's life), but I will have faith in a veteran MMO company that has always taken care of its players in some way or another. People have put time and money into this game, and NCsoft is aware of this. You can't please everyone but I am willing to bet my money that they will compensate and come out with something better for us to make up for what happened. I am just a player now, but as someone that was on the QA team @ NCWes
  12. Thanks Mishi, It has been a pleasure to serve the community and help out in any way I can. Tenacious is already growing so strong and we will continue to do so. We welcome anyone who wants to come along side us to share adventures/raids/grinds/groups/PvP, and more! Our goal is to see everyone in their desired gear and ready to roll on L2 Classic T.I.! For anyone who may be interested, please read the Charter and simply post an introduction @ Tenaciousgamers.com. Follow the instructions to join the Tenacious Discord and Mumble. You will not regret it. The most solid gr
  13. Hello, SpS/SE Veteran Ex-NCSoft/NCWest QA Employee LFC On T.I. Classic I saw this post and I was impressed with this clan approach. Very prestigious.. right up my ally. I was wondering if you guys have numbers still actively playing Lineage 2 on Classic Talking Island server in March 2019, and if you are accepting new recruits. If so I am heading over to the Tenacious board to post an introduction. Thanks. I am a veteran player since beta, I just started Classic server about a week ago. I am dual boxing an SpS/SE, I am level 30, using Demon's Fangs and Moon Cape gear with Karmi
  14. I forgot to mention on finding a good clan later on in-game I would like to roll and play as my main, a Bishop for support. Thanks
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