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  1. 3 weeks exp event and server went down a lot of times... 1 week extansion would be a must..
  2. any future event with Zariche's / Akamanah's Bloods ??
  3. Otherworldly Atelia Refinery has really low Adena.. in Refinery i make like 140kk/Hour Isle of Souls 107 i make 350kk/Hour Isle of Souls 112 i make 600kk/Hour
  4. 400 euro in ncoins spended until now and not even 1 cloak+7... wasted of money..
  5. now they removed it from Official News | Lineage II (lineage2.com)
  6. Stable Cloak Enchantment Scroll is missing from Cloak Enchant Scroll Pack x75 (5,850 ncoins) @Hime @Juji
  7. Last there was Ancient Cloak (Legendary) Scroll Pack also...
  8. 1st 2020 Black Friday Sales Event Black Friday Bountiful Harvest Bundle Brilliant Freya's Scroll of Storm (x100) Shining Nevit's Gold Sandglass (x100) Emperor's Special Cocktail (x100) Honey Dark Beer (x100) 6000 ncoins=21.4b in Naia 214kk for 1 storm,sandglass,cocktail,beer /4=53kk each... give 1 reason to someone to buy it when we can buy them cheaper in the shops... 2nd Black Friday Destiny Pack Doorbuster Only 100 available per server Limit 1 per account and last year you had Only 300 available per server Lim
  9. Black Friday sales will start at 7:00 AM server time on 11/25 and will end next week on 12/2 at 7:00 AM server time. Details are available here. Hi, Black Friday Mammogeddon Pack contents Mammon's Talisman Boxes or Advanced Mammon's Talisman Boxes? Mammon's Talisman Box - Skill Power (30-day) = When equipped, Skill Power +4%. Box is tradable. or Advanced Mammon's Talisman Box - Skill Power (30-day) = When equipped, increases Skill Power by 5% and Skill Critical Damage by 10%. Box is tradable. thanks
  10. @Juji Rare Accessory Pack (30-day) will be deleted??
  11. We get disconnect and when we log there is a 120 queue and then we lose our spots and our exp... Destiny and Prestige Packs still running, a temporarily spawned Dandy or Nevit buff is not the solution..
  12. as you see now Naia is Normal and not Heavy, we had delay on exp, you did Maintenance for 2 hours and then you gave Tersi when the hole Europe was sleeping.. it's a bit unfair...
  13. i never had problem in my exp and now i die every 10 mins... every melee has problem or just Evis/Dreadnought? Exp event, exp rune, evas rune and our exp boost running without result...
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