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  1. nah theres too many 3rd world poors and whiners for them all to buy it. its a good solution for most.
  2. the que is like 15-20 mins for vip. i dont get the problem? dont be poor as dirt and buy vip. its literally like $1.
  3. i got in like 15 mins, was like 300 in que. pay for VIP or gtfo you gooddaamn poors. aslso people boxed chars years ago, adena was bought and sold years ago. think its bad now? lmao
  4. i dont think you understand how ques work. nor math. nor english.
  5. Why dont you poors just buy $5 in ncoin and get VIP? no que. lol i have $30 one for all 3 boxes
  6. i mean that vote is pretty overwhelming. id like to hear a reply? why should i not just refund these $90 in accounts i bought now? hello? mods?? any comment? give us a reason to stay?
  7. i dont think Juji understands how critical this is to most/ALL returning players. its insane to touch the red = drop system that classic had.
  8. +1 from ME Why on earth they would change this is beyond me.. i can understand mobs causing it not to happen due to hardcore greifing but red players??? insane..
  9. lol you finally got it after everyone quit. like winning 5v3 basketball and thinkin u top sht lmaooooo ecks dee
  10. what a shitty video its not even funny wts lessons
  11. lol people screenshot things from 2016? i guess anything to keep deadgame alive
  12. NCsoft is literally the worst company now.
  13. ive never used ZR lol no one in my cp did ok i guess enjoy pvp with nobody no one without drag weps wants to fight that shit lol
  14. i dont have any of that you autistic f*ck MOST people dont. hence why you get no action in pvp
  15. downgrade all ur shit to level 4 jewels, +16 wep, etc and maybe people will fight you lol when someone spends f*ckin $20,000 on 6 lvl 6 jewels its hard to compete with that, no one even wants to on this dedgame, who wants to just go and die to that? at least on zaken it was possible but i havnt upgraded my shit in 1 year
  16. lmao if you think that script screenshot is serious, are you 14 years old? holy shit is all MS autistic foreigners? everything is starting to make sense.
  17. their obsession with fooz and nova is f*cking weird, its disturbing AF. clearly they are mental patients in MS and they love that toxic garbage so good for them, shit where you eat.
  18. you sure are recruiting like you want it bad
  19. Is this even english? What trash are you on chronos exactly?
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