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  1. Scroll de exp 100 millons

    I lost 12 Scroll. I did not know what would be deleted
  2. Adena Drop

    The adena is nonexistent, 25% is recovered as much of what is spent. Sorry for tthe english (google translate)
  3. In each update or event, you lose more the desire to continue playing. Server Gludio dead and without market. Without adena when killing monsters. The illusion for the classic has already been lost. Sorry for the english (google translate)

  5. spellbook death whisper

    I was looking for more than 3 months in Sea of Spores without success. Finish buying it Sorry for the english (google translate)
  6. Next events

    We would be happy again
  7. The fall of money is insignificant. Drop is a joke I'm an archer with a bow c (no top), I need to kill a monster 3 shots, I spend 237a and 1/5 monsters give me between 140 and 190a. You have to pay to kill monsters. Never progess in this way. They feel like abandoning this Sorry por the english (google translate)
  8. XP/SP SCROOL at LVL 40/41

    https://i.imgur.com/mMv3aDW.jpg Level 46 I can not learn yet Do not use scroll xp Only use scroll xp/sp
  9. Sea of Spores Speelbook ?

    I've been looking for "sp death wisper" for two months without luck. I'm in the right place ?
  10. Dyes archer ?

    Recommended tattoo for a silver ranger level 43 plated leather armor Bow D
  11. And I only earn 2 tablets changing coins
  12. Your 50-coin Rewards

    In my case only 5 and 20 coins
  13. I did it about 30 times and I only got Dark assassin Transformation Scroll Melody Angel Cats I just lost adena
  14. Sea of Spores Speelbook ?

    "Do Spellbooks fall in Sea of Spores? (according to L2wiki if), A month ago I am (a few hours a day) and never saw one."