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    No rewards for anyone, @Juji , @Hime, it's right ? Tell how this is work please
  2. @Juji and the counterattack funcion ? Why this works in oly ? It's make the trick useless ...
  3. @Cyan, why your guys change the icones in game ? Now my TOI talysman havve a icon from baium, what hell is happen ? The bracer is the same icon of pendants ...
  4. Useless Skill

    but in the UE l2, this skil decrease the xp loss too, and here not.. I know, here is other DB, but, is strange have a skill that does not work
  5. Useless Skill

    @Juji , can you explain please ? Talk with your dev's... sorry my bad english
  6. Useless Skill

    Now we have the skill "Clan luck" on our server, but its functionality is useless. As written in the skill description, it reduces the drop rate of items when the player dies for mob's. In a server where you do not happen to lose items when you die, unless you have more than X PK's, it does not make sense to have such a skill. Will its functionality be the same, or will you change anything on the server or skill to make it useful?
  7. Log In Problem Fix

    come on ncsoft, do something, or better thinking a compensation for us , I WANNA PLAAAAY