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  1. It's impossible to play... for you to have an idea I sold a sword to another player, and the sword disappeared from my bag but Adena only appeared in my bag 10 minutes later.
  2. *It's time to come back with the event "Aden Tour Minigame"... this without a doubt was the best event that ever had on classic servers and made many people have the courage to start in the game. Today the server doesn't have new players anymore due to its great difficulty in collecting adena, especially when the person has nothing. *Make a change to daily quests at lvl 76+ by increasing the xp scroll: 10,000.00 to 100,000.00 and add new quests for lvl 84+ *Increase adena drop in antharas lair and dragon valey. *Change in "Dungeon of abyss" increase to levels 77-81/82-86. * And wh
  3. I really liked the update, it's noticeable the decrease of bots in some places ... certainly those who are making negative comments are people who use these programs, I hope that more changes will happen to improve the gameplay of the classic server.
  4. I understand you perfectly, I've been playing this server for a long time and unfortunately we are never heard, how many great ideas for improving the server have already emerged here on the forum and they never took advantage of it... regrettable the abandonment and if something is not done the server will arrive in 2022 with 1/3 of the few remaining players.
  5. the classic is going through difficult days where currently there are few active players, no newcomer has the courage to in the game due to adena collection being something very difficult, especially for someone who is starting, the trade is practically dead, where it is very difficult to sell or buy in-game items, and to top it off 60% of the players who play are people who are already at the highest level and have almost everything they want. more regarding the post I agree, but I say that we should get better equipment than the baium talisman... like a lvl 24 venir talisman or a boss
  6. So that's what epic bosses do on update days... It's the only day they have free to take a shower.
  7. Great post this item needs some changes a long time ago. it's time to increase the slot amount of all the bracelet of duty and reduce the clan coin amount to make lvl6... @Hime @Juji
  8. it's time to increase the drop rate of adena in Dragon valley, imperial tomb and antharas lair !!!!! @Hime @Juji
  9. Currently the server has few active players daily and 1/3 of these players are being banned for no reason !!! some of my friends had their accounts banned for no reason, as they never used a bot or even inflicted the rules of the game ... what's going on? 50% of the server is unable to connect to the site at least to get the event rewards and now you are banning at random ... I really like this server but I feel that ncsoft has given up on the classic, I hope something is done as soon as possible .
  10. unfortunately this is the reality of classic servers, I played for years and saw many people leave the game for these reasons and unfortunately I do not see any action to change on the part of ncsoft, the game is very unbalanced and my hope for improvement of the server is long gone time.
  11. falling coins orianas from the monsters however does not have the oriana npc nor the lottery mechanism for drawing the items.
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