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  1. 1 hour ago, Dearpie said:

    See? Another person that dont have a freaking clue what they are talking about! You dont increase a tanks PATK BECAUSE THEY GET MORE PDEF AND SHIELD DEFENSES ETC! Holy batman! I pointed out in the very FIRST POST that we get the SAME Pdef and shield masteries as our counterpart BD! We become an Enchanter at 40 which is why we no longer get Defensive masteries! Which is why like the BD we should be getting more patk masteries like the BD! Why is this so hard to comprehend? 

    Omg your assumption of dual swords and understanding shows your lack of understanding. Lmao higher chance to miss with dual swords because its splits in two.... lmao omg where do you people come up with this bs. Thats not how it works at all. Unreal. You do not get more patk to compensate that... omg you need to delete your reply. 

    Its first time you play L2 that you dont know how dual swords or fists work?

  2. 4 hours ago, Dearpie said:

    Holy sh... you people just want to argue about the dumbest bs ever. I do run without a shield clown. I use a berserker blade. Both classes get the same shield mastery so for you to run with a shield you are the one nerfing yourself even more for dmg. We stop getting shield mastery at around 36 and dont get anymore shield masteries because WE ARE NOT TANKS! So keep running around with a shield and unable to kill anything is your choice. But that doesnt mean the rest of us want to be nerfed while playing the sws to support our parties and friends. We dont get the same pdef or shield masteries like a tank and we dont get the patk masteries like our BD counterparts yet you are ok with that lol. How dumb is it that you would accept this problem? I play the sws as best as it can be played and do very well considering the nerf so why would you not all want us to get what we obviously should is BEYOND ME! I have pointed out many times the clear weapon mastery nerf and you all keep defending it but one other who has a brain. 


    Sws was clearly not meant to use a shield or we would keep getting more shield masteries but you seem to not get it. The BD get the SAME shield mastery as us so why are they not using it also? Hmm maybe because NC knew they werent a tank and gave them dual weapon mastery yet didnt give the sws dual weapon mastery or 2H masteries. I watch one of our other sws using a sls and they cant kill anything. I kill two of the same mobs in the time he kills one. Its pathetic. We also dont even get a pet like the DA aka real Tank but you accept the nerf lol


    Also for you to act like the BD is not the SWS counterpart is absurd. Clearly the BD is the counter class to SWS lol wow

    So with your understanding we should also increase this mastery for tanks because it gives same low amount to them.

    Also if u did not notice, its dual sword mastery... when u use dual swords all ur attacks are split on 2 which means u have higher chance to miss, your accuracy is counted twice same as crt rate. 

    Additional p.atk is to compensate this. Also this mastery applies to only one weapon.