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  1. Regarding this upcomming event, I wonder if that no XP lost upon death will include chaotic players as well. Becuase if that is the case, one can't get rid of karma quickly the usuall way during the event duration after accidental (or any kind of) PK. @Hime maybe you can clarify this, so people are way more carefull when lovering destro's/tyrr's for zealot and such or picking targets in pvp (if some miraculously happens due to no loss upon death now) during the event duration.
  2. Such a wall of text, while all that you rly need to solve the loot rights problem is change the looting reset timer to lets say 15 sec instead of 5 mins. One number change and boom, all problems gone, people should be able to hold the boss away from enemy taggers for 15 seconds and if not, then u dont rly deserve the loot rights at all :-P If we really have to deal with loot rights, and cant just turn them off completely and go by most dmg done ...
  3. Quest Mania - daily mission, where is that one gone to?? Since this specific daily mission gave to players a free 30% XP/SP scroll per day, its quite a change. And based on my recent interaction with support team, you guys are always 100% aware of what any patches you get from koreans contain. So now this recent information from support leads me to this question: Why did you keep this daily mission disappearance a secret and it wasn't on the patchnotes/changes list for this maintenance?