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  1. I checked my passive skills and I dont have any showing my 15% crit damage augment. I got it from those cheap top spirit stones in TI, could it be those augments are buged and not actually working?
  2. Thanks for the tips Yeah, I have Elmore +7 cloak and monkey belt, forgot to mention those. I see, changing SA to might would improve damage. Had forgotten about this option since I was looking for options to stack pcrit damage all this time. But after some lazy tests more and more pcrit dmg didnt improve the damage dealt as much and I came to conclusion that adding more patk would benefit more.
  3. Hi, Looking for some help regarding what would benefit more in damage increase. Atm, i have: Level 107/105 Bloody fists +11, 15% crit dmg augment. 7% and 4% crit dmg SA. Blessed seraph la set +10 +14 Str dyes Giants crit augment on another weapon Earth wyrm/creation ring, blessed orfen/ octavis earring, octavis neclace. Atlas in making. +5 scorpio charm and exhaled seed bracelet Noble warior circlet +1 Dragon skin shirt +1 Lvl3 ruby/emerald, lvl4 diamond/opal Abundance lvl1, anakim /exhaled/ hellfire talisman Artifact bo
  4. Wts Bloody Amaranthine slasher +8, 1 SA, 300 Blessed Twilight leather set +8 Blessed Twilight leather set +9 Abundance talisman lvl 1 Queen Ant soul ring PVE/PVP eternal belts and different PVP earrings Improved shadow retributer Message here or send in game mail KittenInMittens P. S. I'm looking for PVE leather set +8, Anakim talisman
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