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  1. So the only pet I ever have is just 1 cat at a time, depending on which one I want. At level 77 I get a buff that people like and that's about it. Sounds boring. Maybe I'll be Necromancer instead. At least I still have decent mana sustain as Necro, I'm guessing?
  2. I'm mostly concerned with PvE and not so much PvP at least not for now. I thought Warlocks had the best cubics? What is the point of them if not their cubics? Can cubics tank? And if so, which one, and how do I do it? That's what I'd mainly like to know.
  3. Server location

    Well that would explain why I don't have any ping, lol. Wonder why all the different servers are on a different time zone, then. I mean, I guess so people in different parts of the world can have events at "normal" times but still seems odd to me. Never seen a game where that happened. Though a lot of things about this game are odd...
  4. How magic attack works in classic?

    It's actually 24.5%. While they did have the typo of saying 50% instead of 55% (as did you), 55% translates to roughly 24.5%. √(1.55x) = (√1.55)(√x) = 1.25√x The base value would've been √x, and this means that we are doing roughly 1.25x that damage, or 25% more. If you don't believe me, test it out yourself by using example numbers on your own calculator. The square root of 300 is 17.32. 55% more than 300 is 465. The square root of 465 is 21.56. 21.56 is 124.48% of 17.32. Margin of error from rounding (It should actually be closer to 124.44). Whappuh. Try for yourself.
  5. Server location

    I'm not 100% sure on this but seeing as you haven't been answered yet I'll try to help. Look at the time zone it says they're in. That's *probably* it? But I'm not sure. Though I live in NA and playing on the server that is GMT +1 so I should have high ping but I don't notice it. So maybe all the servers are in NA? But that doesn't make sense either. *shrug*
  6. I chose to put it here instead of in the class discussion section because I'm hoping more people will see it, also I think it's more of a basic noob question. I'm new to the game, it's just so hard to find out any information and seems like nobody willing to help. Hopefully somebody here will be able to answer... Levelling to 40 is a long process and I don't want to pick a class I won't like when I get there. I heard Warlocks are good for healing because of infinite mana, but what about their cubics? I know nothing about them. One is melee and one is ranged, right? Which is which? What else do they do? How does controlling them work? I know you can't control them as much as a cat (which I which I could "control" more......) but can I control anything? Can I have them tank? How? Do they make good tanks? Just so many questions I have.... What role does a Warlock play in a party? What I'd like to do, is send out my cubics (maybe Kat too?) to help tank/DPS while staying back and healing. Is that what I should be doing, or am I way off base here? Thanks for any help! I'm trying to decide if I even want to become a Warlock at 40 or not. Tell me what makes them shine! lol