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  1. Server Disconnections - 5.21.2020

    As Hime said, This is not fault of NC, it's about provider. NC cannot fix this problem, cuz this problem is not under control of NC. All the things NC do is just to request to ISP. So, before blaming, read the information carefully.
  2. In my opinion, PK system is necessary to some points. and macro loop is necessary for some points. Even though I don't play with macro, I disagree to remove it. Because if some part of your body is not good at some point, you will completely remove it? I don't think so. That part is still good at another functions. In L2, There is auto target acquirement function to the attacker even though you didn't use next target. PK Scammer uses that function to do scam. If no mobs are not near you, you keep target to flagged char and Next Target : Monster is no more working. To use that function, no mobs must be around, so scammers uses tank to pull out the macro players from farming zone. But that is done by server side. not on client side. I've found some ways. 1. First Method Like Next Target to Monster option, If game developers add auto target taking option On and Off To attacker or Completely remove auto target taking function. It will solve the problem. But This method still have problem for skill with no target required. (like Danger Zone attack, Snare, Death Howl, Chain Guest, Rising Smash etc). 2. Second Method Adding Function to stop macro loop when player gain kama or reach to chaotic state. This is simply just macro loop is stopped when you gained kama. By this way, a people who do macro need to take care of himself, Because if you have PK count 4 or more, you will have chance to drop. so, whenever you are dead with kama, You need to reduce PK count. 3. Third Method Adding function again that need force attack to pvp even for non target required skills. This is the best option for me. If Next Target to Monster is Set, you need force attack to make pvp. and When Next Target to Taunt or PC, change to normal again. But this method might need so much works to developer. Method 1 and 3 can't open war via macro players anymore, Method 2 still can open war via macro players.