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  1. Lala , the news informer was supposed to have some more gifts ... but i think they left that option out for this year.
  2. incease drop rates, adena drop rates, reduce npc sell price and increase npc buy price, make all items tradeable, at least account share. add all items that exist in game in the mobs drop list! maybe thats your fight against real money trade in the first hand,and for sure the need of running multible boxes for farming will be for sure reduced. and log in the game from time to time, not for 60 mins buffing and log out, move around , talk with players , see who is botting who runs the market and such GM work the whole market is going crazy people only buy cheap sell for more as a result, there
  3. i also have a question:/ though i doubt that's the right place to post it . we had in January the https://www.lineage2.com/news/zodiac-agathion event . many of us grapped the opportunity to gamble once more the not so cheap ncstore exclusive items! 4 months later we get an update that is turning all those items useless? we managed, after breaking lots of those charms,to get one of our choice that suits our character at best, and the only option we have is to trade it for a random one?? and what can we do with all the rest of the items we paid real money for? why do we only get the
  4. is the option to trade rotten fried fish removed with this update?
  5. what happened to patch notes? ok we previewed whats coming in less than 2 days, can we get a little more detailed info plz?
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