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  1. This is the second time I have this issue, when I finish the first free instance, I go to L2 store to get the daily pass but It say that Is 1 per day .... I haven't get it in that day so I need your help any clue?
  2. @max23 I have reawakened my dual on lvl 105, idk how much SP you need for a 107 skill but for 105 skills I need 1b750m SP... I leveled 1 skill per day only doing daily instances.
  3. That's why they should make it 2 per comp.
  4. Ít's been so long that we haven't hear about server transfers... Any time soon? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WTT Elmore Cloak +10 For Aden Cloak +10 Naia-Zalir22
  5. Augment doesn't matter since mine sucks so I offer it like a clean Elmore +10. [Not interested on paying more for augments] In game contact Server: Naia Ign: Zalir22
  6. More expensive trash again???? The game is empty as hell and you keep pushing more ppl to quit?
  7. Hello, WTT my +10 dark light set for Robe Set WTT Dark dual dagger +12 3A for Caster. Feel free to mail in game. Ign: Zalir22
  8. That's a myth , there is not efect at all, you get the lady luck "efect" in the already enchanted succes NOT AFTER.
  9. Yeah you need to be lucky, I have expend 150 scrolls on 2 cloaks and they never went up to 7... the fact here is that you are expending money to this game to get nothing and many ppl have lose ALOT, is not that you are losing couple bucks... you are expending hundereds or thousands to get just 1 item with an absulutly low sucess chance. Thats the reaso why some ppl preffer to buy made items and stoped investing in this bullcrap/. Then you se Admins here deleting posts...
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