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  1. Lots of questions from newbie

    1. Yes, you get ur rune back 2. You drop items if u are PK lvl 4 or higher (red nickname) 3. U add lvl 1 to lvl 1 rune to get lvl 2, 2x lvl 2 to get lvl 3 etc. If u fail u lose one of them 4. Cant rly tell cuz im not spoiling 5. There is special slot in ur inventory Good luck
  2. Tyrant B grade set

    Thanks mate
  3. Tyrant B grade set

    Hello guys, what set would you recommend for my tyrant after 52 lvl? I wanted to go for doom leather but I've been told that it would be better with bw heavy any advices or explanation?
  4. Had my salary that day =] there are many reasons u could come up with but its easier to assume that other person is stupid:) actually I bought coins earlier but they arriving after some period and I went sleep
  5. I believe that if you enjoy somethink why u cant pay for it? lol not everyone lives with mom and cant afford things they enjoy:)
  6. @Hime are you joking? I bought NC Coins through night so I can get pendants in the morning, update comes "1300 GMT+1 " - Dragon Pendants will no longer be available on the L2 Store. and I can't buy them already? ffs... I hope I can get refund and that was the last push from u guys that made me and my all friends leave... bb and gl on this dying server..