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  1. Eu Tarrots are not event ...eu trash rewards aswell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P1Do039Jr90
  2. didnt notice any nerf in range ...but are huge nerf in /targetnext2 range was changed from 1500 to 800 soo now without alts Chars impossible farm more then 1spot .
  3. xe xe i expect that returned Dragon shirt event will give to us atleast chance to try making it last time to make max shirt was approximately 1trillion adena ..and other think was really bad in event ..ppl was forced to buy 12k nc coin pack ...was no gift option ...soo lot of free to play or low donating players left game .....
  4. game starting only 105 from 99 to 105 in blazing swamp with free gear then if you still dont have gear you must xp in Blazing swamp to 106 then 100% game over cause without gear or party you can't xp in Hellbound earn adena best Way events . but you need to have some builds for that .and keep PC 24/7 all event
  5. like that can be forced every macro in refinary right on the spot.when u good on this from 0pk to 6pk take around 5mins to make it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvLus7q6gpQ
  6. will be Awakening for game this step but for some ppl who live in l2 past ...and can't evolve it ...will be for sure Game over .... but atleast they will now see where all This LOOP MACRO GOING .
  7. Russian way how to force right in the spot . if you are fast enought it will take ~5mins .that main reason why was Turned off PK drops ..cause become impossible to play no metter u monitoring or not ..was cases when ppl dropped items when was even killing without any macro In sos ..soo fast can be done ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvLus7q6gpQ
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