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  1. Limit now are 7acc per pc if someone don't know . server are over populated cause we have Tons of BOTS . just Stand in Adena town center and you gonna see Trains running to Kartia with Same Route
  2. @Juji @Hime Blessed ressurection scroll(event type ) will remain after event or will be deleted like every boost in this event ?
  3. cloak enchant rippoff

    soo lucky .:) some ppl with 90 luck waste 2-3k and dint made +5 radiant :'D chances are soo small ....basicaly if you not hit Lady luck 5times a row ...you gonna fail ....and have no idea how we will make this radiants to +10 in future updates
  4. Macro loop deletion

    eh im too lazy to farm ..:'D if would be ~2bils per day probably i think to go farm some refinary ...but now to low adena and to hard work to watch at macros all day long ...
  5. Macro loop deletion

    bannable only if you are afk soo if u online and using Hardware was no ban ...u can see in Streams every single streamer using.. aswell every top player .... soo if Ban for Hardware would be very very destructive for lineage population ....:/ u can see in oly very ez who using macro mouse/keyboard or keypads.that nothing new ...look at molensa videos he even going Field pvp showing skill with MACRO :DDDDDDDD ...soo its not banable video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUBb5q1whJg
  6. @Hime@Juji would be very nice if you do something to bring back Circlet promotion .last time this event was year ago
  7. Game players become selfish cause L2store.... i remember Zaken Fresh server i was Iss ....created buffer cause i was expecting parties.....but actually entire half year parties was only for Valakas....antaras ......Every xp party Was asking ADENA for 1hour ..or l2 store .... soo i become selfish like other clanies
  8. Macro loop deletion

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Razer-Interchangeable-Mechanical-Switches-Programmable/dp/B077KJKMYD/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1553686621&sr=8-3&keywords=razer+mouse and other hardware equipment explain how he was able to play with hands in the air ..soo if you dont have money for Gaming equipment...use game loop macro ...and stop cry ....
  9. Macro loop deletion

    100% for looping macro... its nothing special ..can't even compare with Handplay....in 1hour i make with hands xp like macro in 5days ......of course there is exception if u Do macro in SOS/Elfs ..its nice ...but to do that u need invest ALOT ....soo far dint see any Farmer who got full geared party with end gear ...Like from my point of view bots are biggest problem in Game ...They generate CODEX / Atribute stones / jewel powder / EAR / EWR .... and for sure they do it in very big scale ...example In fresh server (TIAT) second day of server one guy sold for me 1k each Attribute stone .....thats little bit explain in what scale boters hurting economy of server .but without them probably we Pay not 5kk for atribute Crystal but 50kk :'D