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  1. Really........not again. I just bought a +5 Radiant Authority 2 days ago for 24bil. Now going to worth only 5bil or 10bil? Like in previous case.........
  2. Nowadays patch very fast.. 3 mths or so. Used to be 6-9 mths many years ago.. not the case now
  3. Really? That's why people buying up PVP cloak in CHRONO?? I just sold mine +15 for 180Bil 2 days ago.
  4. No point having 2 server. Different time zone. With both server population. The server will have consistent lag....
  5. I think the coming expansion will reduce the cost of upgrading by 50%. Saw some info on the korean website. Which explain why you dun see any +16 +17 R99 weapon anywhere, not even in AH last few weeks. People are wiping them out. The change make upgrading so much worthwhile. Anyone can confirm this? The expansion coming in Feb? Few weeks time. Anyone know?
  6. Ncsoft looking at the problem? Been 4 days since the server been lagging like hell. And I've not been able to log into game last 2 days. Even when you get into game.. it will just lag and dc. Tried 20+ time to log in, till I give up............ It's surely a server issue. Many players from different regions encounter same issue. Where's all the support staff??
  7. Thought I'm spare the agony when I see many players for the lag and disconnection issue. I rarely lag cos i got really fast PC and very reliable internet connection Who knows........ Monday: Smooth gameplay Tuesday: Smooth gameplay Wednesday: Smooth gameplay Thursday: Intermitten lag Friday: Lag and Lag.. disconnection Saturday: Terrible lag..disconnection... lag... disconnection... Definitely, its the Lineage2 server issue. My wife playing WOW beside me everyday... no DC issue or even lag.
  8. Hi all, Wondering anyone bought this? Current rate is about 30 bil adena in CHRONOS (Based on 10mil/coin). It stated, not transferable, is that really the case? 30 bil adena for an item that cannot be transfer? More like 30 bil adena worth an investment for this? Many thanks for the advice. Seems like the stats on it is not too fantastic.
  9. What's is the wrong with the system. Not able to change email address? >> Something wrong at our end. Try again later. Previously, I cant create new account. Now I cannot change email.............. NCSOFT, please buck up.
  10. Exactly what I want to know. U still need arrow to shoot? Info are always confusing........
  11. Even when you change for the Legendary Dye. 90% of the time you will get MEN, WIT and CON Dye (Esp MEN Dye, probably like 70% rate). The odds of getting DEX Dye is like for, every 30 Suspicious Safe, you will only get 1 DEX Dye. If you need 30 DEX Dye, you will prolly need 900 Suspicious Safe. What a waste of $$$. If you need any DYE, just sell your Suspicious Safe and buy the DYE with adena.
  12. Anyone can advise how to get the lifestone now? Whether it's normal, mid grade, high grade or top grade. Freaking high price in AH. No more drop or can't get it anymore?
  13. Curious why it was not implemented in Live server? Classic server got special privilege?
  14. After getting DC. I keep getting this when I launch my L2. What's going on? Failed to read content data from the update server. Check your network environment ( ISP Authentication, NAC, Firewall and other settings) and try again.
  15. Seriously. After maintenance it go worse. What's going on..............? My frustration hitting the peak... it's like 2-3mths....
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