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  1. Go buy from NCSOFT the blessed exalted armor/weapon pack, its way better now. You save tons of $$ and get a cool armor/weapon pack which is much better than the old exalted gear.
  2. Hi all, Anyone know whether if I fail from +10 to +11, will it reset to 0? Or stay at +10? Thanks!
  3. Seems like all the R110 weapon selling price double, compare to 2 weeks ago. This is really crazy... dun make sense at all. Any +12 Bloody / Dark (No SA) cost 150-200 Bil? 2 Weeks ago it's only like 80-90 Bil (With 3 SA) ... People selling at crazy price. Even worse for Limited Weapon, it's almost TRIPLE the price.... lolz
  4. NCSOFT looking at the problem? It's already 3 hrs..
  5. Last 20 mins can't even log in. THE CLIENT WILL BE CLOSED. Continue? <5>
  6. All right the whole night.. suddenly the issue came back again??!!!
  7. We need to face up to the fundamental problem here. NCSOFT have the admin tools to track/check who is using BOT program. But does NCSOFT have the manpower and resources to check everyone. Does NCSOFT want to employ a few more Gamemaster to do this? Seriously I dun think so, NCSOFT not going to spend more operation cost on this game. And forget about the Anti-Bot program integrated into this game.. Does it work? NO......... You see so many players logging in the BOTS running together and in a sync ways.
  8. Wow something wrong with the server. Dc many times after login in. Can't even move.
  9. Well it's a true hard fact that many players are still using BOT in the game. You can see it everywhere in the server. And please dun say why they need BOT program when there's in-game MACRO. Simple logic which dun need rocket science to explain. BOT program is way more efficient and productive. NCSOFT doing anything at all??? The situation on this server says it all.
  10. Waited 67 mins to go inside game... after 10 mins disconnected. I understand the frustration.......
  11. Comparison with +10 Dark/Bloody R99 armor set. +10 R99 Set still much better. Guess it's good for new toon to get something decent.. with some payment to NCSOFT.
  12. I dun think the point here is whether legal or not. It's about the sustainability of the server. And I also support removing the mentor system. And by all mean remove the fishing system. Else ask Ncsoft to track by IP address. So that each players can log in only 3 account.
  13. The best server conditions in 2 years. Thanks! NCSOFT.
  14. I just tried to create a new account. Also got the same error..... NCSOFT dun allow new players anymore? ACCOUNT CREATION FAILED. YOU ARE NOT AUTHORIZED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT.
  15. Stating the fact rather then encouraging people to play Evi. I got a 107 Evi with so-so gear, kill faster than a Yul using +10 Light and +12 R110 thrower. :)
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