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  1. The late Pirate Captain Uthanka, still visit is tombstone once in a while.
  2. The set question, almost sure you only get the set from this event... The scrolls thing, think you do get them now, but better wait for the patch notes.
  3. Keep in mind the set you bought had other things on the pack. In fact the set itself is almost worthless compared to the rest of the things in the pack.
  4. The fact that sometimes it is like that doesn't mean it is always like that. The majority of times there are more ppl online in both servers then the max number of ppl they allow in one server. So no, merge is not gonna happen anytime soon.
  5. Considering that they don't want more then a specific number of players on each server, a merge would never happen anytime soon.
  6. I farmed the greedy chests, i didn't RMT. Thanks to them i got my set of greater jewels. I know a few others like me in Naia that did the same. Economy wise, it won't change anything. @Hyperliteexplained very well how things work, but in this case the greedy chest would only work to solve the rising price of Lv. 5 Jewels. And the economy is not on verge of collapsing, it already did. (When you get to the point that mid range items are not available to buy with adena anymore you know the economy collapsed) Uzume is also right, the collapsed economy is working as intended. US servers h
  7. Best class ever: Human Knight BurnCycle/Naia
  8. A few notes: - Neutral zone: It's something that should be added on the previous update and, although it's very welcome (107-110 lvls are an issue atm for new players) the area has an unusual high amount of adena drop making it tasty to high lvl players. So much that the area is completely filled with them. There is no space for a 107 party to go there. To solve it i would suggest either nerf the adena drops, make it in a way that only a 107-110 range party can acquire such high amount of adena (i imagine that's very hard to do) or just repurpose some outdated areas and make them sim
  9. Hunting them requires planning and commitment from a group of ppl. You won't hunt them solo for sure.
  10. For those watching this thread, the person talking was one of the person loading the bot network. Ask yourself why he is so happy with the remove of the greedy chests.
  11. The removable of the chest won't have the effect you think it will have in Lags. (you will probably will have a more stable server tomorrow BECAUSE the XP event is over so no more people XPing insanely like before) Jewels on L2Store? Yes, you will have them tomorrow... a random pack for "cheapzys"! Good you happy.
  12. No idea about Chronos, on Naia they were pretty cheap. Good luck find anything 3x today's price.
  13. I see most of you saying this is great and all... They just removed one more farmable content. You are being screwed. They are not going to revamp the system, this is a measure to "control" the issue that they had this week for chronos. (queue list) Funny part of it it would be solved tomorrow with the end of the XP event. Enjoy the increase in prices for lv5 jewels! I already got mine. Good luck with all of you that didn't.
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