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  1. Are we doing this too?

    i wasn't banned, i was inactive.
  2. Are we doing this too?

    I CAN login. I just can't do anything because the forum account is inactive. Both times someone was able to fix it, the issue here is why it gets inactive in the first place. That's what i would like to know.
  3. @Juji The PK System doesn't seem to be implemented. The PKs were not reseted, and there is nothing on the map about ppl with 10+ PKs.
  4. @Juji This event is a good example of how bad you guys (NCSoft) are working. The event itself is a good event, the items available to be bought with the event coins are good items to be in such event BUT, even tho i know you have almost zero say on anything about this game, (One might ask what you and your employees do if the Korean side controls everything in game) you still should have made a reply to Korea saying, "hey, the prices you asking are in most cases highly above the market prices" because it's somehow understandable that they make such a mistake, mostly because they probably don't have access to your server's market prices, but you guys do. You know there's no logic on asking 210m for a rune stone (using 2m/per NCoin conversion, most people sell at 2.5m, so that's as cheap as it gets) when the cheapest price on the market is 150m. (and that's already too much as for long time it was around 80m-100m) The majority of the items in the list are like that, extremely overpriced. Now i know you gonna make some money from this event, there are plenty of gambling addicts in this game that you are going to clean with the 40 coin gamble box, but your company just missed an excellent opportunity to make some money AND keep your costumers happy. The idea on events like this is to have prices of consumables at a guaranteed minimum, making sure they don't go too up and, by forcing ppl to pay a minimum value, not too down either. Having like this has absolutely no sense whatsoever!
  5. Live Server Game Update: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

    @Juji @Hime Acording to L2 Wiki Website the only 2 changes were the addition of Star Sign (1) at a 0.05-0.1% chance of droping and Cube of Enhanced Zodiac Agathion (1) at a 0.001-0.005% chance of droping. Are this it? Also, is the stupid damage limitation still applies to this bosses? and if yes does it applies to the new Antharas instance too?
  6. Mixa is kinda right, don't think there's a law that forces them to show the rates. Besides you might find the rates in some other websites as they are mandatory in Korea. (at least the ones that involve paid items)
  7. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, April 8, 2020

    @Juji In regards of the lag issue, i'm sure you have seen many players pointing out many reasons for the lag. Knowing a little bit on how data transfers are made (i'm no expert, just played around similar game servers and studied a bit about it in the university) it's kinda clear to me that the main reason for the lag (not the only one, there are a few areas that are not very well designed and might be causing some small issues) is the blazing swamp area. When a player hit a mob the information of the damage is transmitted by the server to the player and to the other players around. If there's only 1 or 2 players around the server will only notify 1 or 2 players, but when there 20 or 30 players around the server has to notify those 30 players, and at the same time the info from the dmg of this 30 players will be transmitted to the surrounding players. That means the data updates that the server has to do multiply exponentially with more players close by. If you ever went to BS you will quickly notice that the amount of ppl close by is insane, there is no other farming place ingame that has that many ppl close together and with so many mobs. In fact, there are moments where you can experience a local lag where the server clearly can't handle so many data updates and cause a total stop on BS only. All other places ingame lag a little bit but in BS there is a complete stop, no mobs move, no player move. I've experienced such moments myself. Now the main reason i'm saying this is the fact the next update NCSoft will introduce a new area to try and split the players that are in this area into 2. I would ask you to consider asking NCKorea to split it into 3 spots if possible and, in addiction, split into 2 areas the farming places from 85-99 too. The idea in my request is to make sure there's no overcrowded places like there is at the moment. The new update will bring some new changes in classes that might mean some rerolls meaning you might see a bunch of ppl starting new toons for farming purpose. If you add that the need for mentee coins (not as much as before, but the need still there) if there's no additional measures the lag issue might persist and a good opportunity to end it will be missed. Sorry for the long post
  8. High Latency Experienced After Game Update

    Expecting a fix for the lag, considering what's causing it, is an insane thing to do considering how NCWest/NCKorea work. In my case, i'm very surprised that the hardware doesn't crash more times.
  9. Fix_Server

    For those interested there should be a lag reduction on the next "major" update. Unfortunately, something that could have solved the issues ended up being very badly designed so the effect won't be that major.
  10. Angel Cat was afraid of the lag and decided not to show up online. Completely understandable.
  11. You mean Tersi and Dandi's only? There is no Angel Cat. Plus might be a good idea to say that Dandy's NPC will be for 24h, cause the buff will be a 2h buff only.
  12. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    Was the timezone of the server changed? CoC/Raids are off in Naia.
  13. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    The amount of reduction you mentioned will not be enough. Places like blazing swamp will always be packed due to his unique XP/hour for those toons 99-101. I've checked places like plunderous plains when i was hunting for the cursed swords, at least in Naia there weren't many there. What causes the lag is the huge data transfer that needs to be processed when too many toons and mobs are close each other. In plunderous i didn't see that. (might be different in chronos, dunno) And i agree with you that doing nothing is stupid, but unfortunately that's how NCSoft works. I've said my mind about that in other topics, it's insane how they keep treating their clients.
  14. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

    The Ranking system was deactivated in the past and it didn't solve the lag issues. Unfortunately none of what you suggest will fix the issues has their all related to the extreme number of ppl/mobs on small range areas. (ex: Blazing Swamp is probably the biggest issue, there are times where you see all players frozen where in the rest of the server there's no issues like that) To solve it, it would require NCSoft to have multiple fields similar to Blazing Swamps (and other critical areas) to avoid having so many players close to each other. Because that would require actual work, (Adding spawn places to mobs on new areas, adding new drop tables, update quests, etc...) you won't see that happen anytime soon. So sit, relax and expect the lag to stay for a while.
  15. Items Removal

    On the list you published there is no mention to the removal of other items like the Blessing Scrolls. Will they be removed too? If so, why are they not on the list?