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  1. A few notes: - Neutral zone: It's something that should be added on the previous update and, although it's very welcome (107-110 lvls are an issue atm for new players) the area has an unusual high amount of adena drop making it tasty to high lvl players. So much that the area is completely filled with them. There is no space for a 107 party to go there. To solve it i would suggest either nerf the adena drops, make it in a way that only a 107-110 range party can acquire such high amount of adena (i imagine that's very hard to do) or just repurpose some outdated areas and make them sim
  2. Hunting them requires planning and commitment from a group of ppl. You won't hunt them solo for sure.
  3. For those watching this thread, the person talking was one of the person loading the bot network. Ask yourself why he is so happy with the remove of the greedy chests.
  4. The removable of the chest won't have the effect you think it will have in Lags. (you will probably will have a more stable server tomorrow BECAUSE the XP event is over so no more people XPing insanely like before) Jewels on L2Store? Yes, you will have them tomorrow... a random pack for "cheapzys"! Good you happy.
  5. No idea about Chronos, on Naia they were pretty cheap. Good luck find anything 3x today's price.
  6. I see most of you saying this is great and all... They just removed one more farmable content. You are being screwed. They are not going to revamp the system, this is a measure to "control" the issue that they had this week for chronos. (queue list) Funny part of it it would be solved tomorrow with the end of the XP event. Enjoy the increase in prices for lv5 jewels! I already got mine. Good luck with all of you that didn't.
  7. @Juji Now they have a second network of bots up with the sole purpose of rezing the summoners. That's means a second toon per single camera up there. So instead of the 300 toons we will be having close to 600 very soon! What is the limit of your protection this bots? Isn't this a little bit too much? 3 players controlling an army of around 600 toons and you let this happen like nothing happens?
  8. @Juji Are petition numbers needed for you to acknowledge that something is wrong?
  9. You guys are going a little off topic here. We are not talking about getting a few extra clients thru virtual systems, we are talking about something that can run close to 300 clients meaning it's probably something that bypass the client at all. I created this because we are talking something that doesn't require much to get flagged/detected by a company. It is quite easy for a company like NCSoft to apply their own EULA and ban this people. The problem here is they are CHOOSING not to, going against their own rules. (I imagine that such action probably opens them to possible lawsuits, b
  10. Well i just assume the people behind the programming of the game are not mentally challenged to the point of adding unrelated/useless info being transferred to all clients. Going on topic and stoping this useless discussion, if you have reported any of this summoner network bots please post the ticket in this thread. Maybe someting can be doen about it after.
  11. Because there is no reason it would? Common sense? basic programming knowledge? Choose one?
  12. I'm sure you can't know where a box is gonna pop before it does. That information doesn't go to your client so bot can't pick it.
  13. You seriously don't know how to make a target macro and put it on loop?
  14. it can detect spawn, same as i can. not before it actually spawns!
  15. That's not bot because bots can't predict where a box will spawn. That was pure luck, the other possibility is a GM tip, but that's very unlikely (if even possible)
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