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  1. You guys are going a little off topic here. We are not talking about getting a few extra clients thru virtual systems, we are talking about something that can run close to 300 clients meaning it's probably something that bypass the client at all. I created this because we are talking something that doesn't require much to get flagged/detected by a company. It is quite easy for a company like NCSoft to apply their own EULA and ban this people. The problem here is they are CHOOSING not to, going against their own rules. (I imagine that such action probably opens them to possible lawsuits, b
  2. Well i just assume the people behind the programming of the game are not mentally challenged to the point of adding unrelated/useless info being transferred to all clients. Going on topic and stoping this useless discussion, if you have reported any of this summoner network bots please post the ticket in this thread. Maybe someting can be doen about it after.
  3. Because there is no reason it would? Common sense? basic programming knowledge? Choose one?
  4. I'm sure you can't know where a box is gonna pop before it does. That information doesn't go to your client so bot can't pick it.
  5. You seriously don't know how to make a target macro and put it on loop?
  6. it can detect spawn, same as i can. not before it actually spawns!
  7. That's not bot because bots can't predict where a box will spawn. That was pure luck, the other possibility is a GM tip, but that's very unlikely (if even possible)
  8. Well, that's definitely not bot... that's something else.
  9. You guys are funny! lol The ranking system been UP since EVER! It was up yesterday and the day before. It never went offline! No idea why you guys still blame it for the lag! it has NOTHING to do with it! Either NCWest is downscaling to save a few bucks or the design flaws that our side has are back again as more people/Bots start logging.
  10. 3 seconds after IS slow! lol The summoner network in naia is putting toons near the box 1 sec after it spawns! I've seen with my own eyes on the boxes i have checking.
  11. Since the time of the first post the number of this toons just went up. As far as i know there are no blinking toons anymore. Every single mob that can spawn a greedy box has a summoner in their target range. (either low or high lvl) @Juji This players are being protected by you and your team. That is a serious issue that affects the credibility of you and your company. You really gonna stay quiet and keep the protection on them?
  12. I've always been against bots. You can find a lot of posts from me complaining about it. The reason i'm posting here now is because we never had something at this scale since the end of zR. And the stuff you said about lack of evidence is not an issue here. There are plenty of evidence against them, in fact, this are probably the easy botting system to ban because of the obvious automated stuff. (even on the main toons used to kill the boxes, they don't even try to hide) Another thing to think about it is the impact 300-400 toons have on the server logging and delogging at a constant
  13. @Juji So, for the past 3 months the servers (at least Naia) got covered by this awesome blinking toons. They are really impressive piece of machinery, mostly because they cover every single area that a greedy box can spawn. (been told that even the low lvl ones are covered) We are talking about more then 300 toons out there controlled by 3 players, same players that appear if one of the boxes spawn. This been out there for more then 3 months, and so far this keeps going. They been reported by the hundreds and nothing happens. Let's face it, unlike some other boters on our server this
  14. Keep in mind that's mostly directed to the Korean reality where the backlash is an issue right now. (mostly because there might be some government reactions) Although we might benefit from some of this changes (if the enchants are public in Korea you will have access to it here by visiting the Korean site) most of the possible changes like loot box chances (that are already available in Korea) and some other enchant rates that are still secret, might not get here as it would affect sales and they really not being forced to do here.
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