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  1. @Juji @Hime What happened to the weapon enchant limit? What is the new limit? Do the armors have new limit also??? This is the sort of stuff that is supposed to be in your maintenance notes if you ask me.
  2. If that's true, i would like to know how someone has a +31 weapon when the enchant limit in weapons is +30.
  3. Although i agree with the starting post, posting this on forums won't do anything unfortunately. NCWest been ignoring complains from their player base for years now mostly because, unless they are forced to, they have zero power to do any changes in game policy's. If you want changes in this matter the only way to do it is the way Koreans were able to solve this issue: complain to your local authorities. They complained to their government and they were heard. So, if you reside in the US do a formal complaint to the whatever government section responsible to this kind of issues and wait for a reply.
  4. Haunted Chest Horrible Scam

    And the items you getting from the box don't have an ingame value? Jesus poor thing. I'm amazed that people still cry about opening boxes that actually gives a decent payback. First box that NCSoft made available that actually does that in YEARS and ppl still complain!
  5. MASS PETETION the event

    Very Low, Low, Average and High means specific fixed range of chances. Example if i'm not mistaken everything that has high on the chances means its 50%+ chance of getting. Average should be around 30-50% range. This time they actually told you the chances, (they could have done that for the other items) a scam is the previous gamble boxes where there's no references to any kind of rates.
  6. Dragon Weapons for Sale

    There's many fragment weapons because some ppl are trading 200 event boxes for a chance to get dragon claws. This fragment weapons are pretty much worthless.
  7. Bloody Haunted Chest

    If your goal is to get the top items and you intend to spend a lot on this event the bloody boxes are probably worth. If not, if you just want to gamble and get some items in return the normal boxes are your best bet.
  8. MASS PETETION the event

    They told you +- the chances of the trade in boxes. Any person without brain damage would knew NOT to trade in those. Your fault for trying. The event itself might be the first one that actually can give some return to players as long they don't sell the items immediately. The 200 pack is one of the best buys i've seen in a VERY LONG time.
  9. @Juji You seem to messed up the XP with this latest update. (if i had to guess i would say you took the 50% Party Xp boost) Was that intended? Edit: We tested a few things, seems the party xp boost is still working but i could have sweared i was getting more xp yesterday with less XP bonus.
  10. Not that many years, Aria stones are way older and they are being kept. I did, sold around half of what i had. (Not easy to sell this kind of items when you can't always set up sell shops) Regarding using it i already augmented my jewels. @Juji @Hime Still looking for a reply from your side.
  11. @Juji @Hime Still waiting on a reply on this. This item is recent, it's not something old, this is the item that actually substitute the Aria's Stones. You can't remove this without some sort of reimbursement.
  12. Specially because, in this case, the item is not that old. It was introduced as a sub for the aria's stones that, for some reason, are going to be kept.
  13. I have a few thousands of Rare Accessory Spirit Stone that i farmed a few years ago. Can @Juji or @Hime explain to me how can you remove items that have some considerable worth without any type of compensation? So now it's ok for players to loose a couple of bill worth in items just because you want?
  14. This thread is funny. Nine pages of posts complaining about something that the creator and is clan used to do all the time when they played in Freya server. Back then he knew why the system was like it is, but now apparently he doesn't know anymore... Only Divekio... Keep the funny stuff coming Divekio!
  15. Summoners

    Only summoners?