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  1. random client disconnect

    The shop DC has nothing to do with the latest update. Any other toon, either if its fishing or on macro in some area won't dc, but if its in shop mode, no matter what you do it will DC shortly. I've been having this problem for ages now, GM's say its your connection problem but it's not, it's something in game causing the DCs. (I've tried different computers in different countries for the shops to see if it would fix it, it doesn't)
  2. Live Server Maintenance: Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    So many things to gather money they could do (simple event with decent amount of elcyum prizes would be enought), and they prefer to kill the game. I really don't know why a company would prefer to kill a game that generates so much money just for a quick buck. Edit: This system is so wrong on so many levels that i'm sure you, @Juji @Hime and all other devs know how stupid it is to add this stuff. From Skills that shouldn't exist, to make Dragon jewels worthless, to add another Elcyum sink when there's not enought on the market, and on top of that the insane increase of stats that will lead to an even bigger difference between the few heavy paying players and the rest of the population of the servers. You can't be stupid enought to not see this. Very sad day for L2.
  3. Maybe you can clarify this, @Juji:
  4. @Juji Since we getting close to the launch date, are you sure your not missing any info about any other deleted items? I get most of the info can be announced a few days before the update, but info about items being deleted should have been published along time ago. (one month would probably been the minimum, and that passed a long time ago)
  5. [News] Golden Compass Event

    @Juji @Neutron Can you guys clarify how many marks you can get? (minimum and maximum) Is it random the number you get or is there a mechanic behind it? So far on my first run i got 25 on the first one and 60 on the second.
  6. [News] Golden Compass Event

    Seems a good event... Is it only for DD classes?
  7. Issues with a support ticket

    A friend of mine is having issues with the ticket and asked me to create a forum thread for help. He is basically looking for some clarification on the ticket #22212554, so @Neutron or @Conguero, if you could help him out he would appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  8. Lineage II - Security Update Applications to test

    My list: Steam / Steam Overlay GOG Teamspeak Media Player Classic VLC Media Player Geforce Experience iTunes Google Chrome Thunderbird Plex Media Server Telegram µTorrent Ace Stream Stremio (What comes to my mind at least) Edit: Added a few more apps
  9. Lineage II - July Preview

    Really hope it works! That's really big news.
  10. Freya-to-Naia Server Merge Guide

    For me (or anyone else) to buy a new one there has to be one on sale. In Freya there is barely any CH on sale so i imagine that's even worst in Naia.
  11. Freya-to-Naia Server Merge Guide

    Having one side keeping the CHs and the other having them removed is a bit unfair if you ask me, mostly cause any Freya clan won't be able to get any CH anymore. What's the logic on that? Why not reset the CH in both servers to give the ability of a freya Clan to get one?
  12. Lineage II - June Preview

    @Neutron @Conguero Can you give more details on the consolidation of servers? What does that means to clans in freya? Will the CH/Castle/Heroes will be reseted? What will happen to freya character/clan names? In my opinion i have nothing against a merge. As long as it's fair for both sides. As a side note this is one the things that should be communicated (with full details of it) with more then 1 month in advance.
  13. Server Maintenance: Wednesday, May 16, 2018

    Actually thats a good question: Is the "Glorious Brooch Jewel" that you get from the Shadai's Master Brooch Pack a actual simple Glorious Brooch or a Glorious Brooch Fragment? (Or something else?) As a side note, still ridiculous high prices for such items. No wonder why so many people are quiting this game.
  14. Abundance Talisman

    Expect something similar to this event: http://www.lineage2.com/en/news/store-promos/05272015-abundance-talisman.php
  15. They don't need to remove all, just the ones that approve the rule. Remember that NCSoft is not known for smart decisions on this type of matter, for some reason they lost 3 servers worth of people since the game went free to play. (In this case the hunt for the quick cash costed them more then half of their initial population. Some of them heavy payers too)