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  1. I imagine we get this version: L2Wiki (More compound, at least you know the rates this time) Also what is Shiny Platinum Ornament?
  2. Bugs/Changes/Typos need fixing.

    You don't even check before saying this things. As an example, Eternal set says STR +3, CON -2 when in reality it gives STR +3, CON +2. This happens because they remove the 2 different types of set. (now there's only the enchanted type)
  3. The changes on the upgrade weapon/armor system was not included on EU patch notes. I have no idea if they got them. Most of the items removed here in the latest update were refunded on EU. Not here.
  4. @Juji @Hime I've been playing many games, including this game, for many years. In whole me life, i honestly never seen such incompetence in managing a game like in here. It seems that they purposely do this to make people leave the game for some reason that i don't understand. In the last 2-3 patches it's been policy of the team to publish incomplete patch notes few days before the update goes live. Now this alone is something no one does, for obvious reasons, all company games launch the patch notes with some weeks in advance for there players to prepare them selves for the changes. (specially in MMORPGs) Now in this company they do something even worst, they hide critical information from the patch notes and, as it happened on this update they REFUSE to give information about it. Now, in my case i've lost more then 100b in the past 3 updates cause of them failing to include information in the patch notes. On this update @Juji and @Hime ignored relevant questions from there players (like me) about potential changes that were not included in the patch notes. For our surprise those questions turned out to be relevant as the changes went ahead with no prior warning. The result was making another 100b investment (and a huge time loss) pretty much useless again. Personally, the only reason i play this is because of the group of friends i have in this game. If it was for the decisions this company makes, i would have quited a long time ago. Maybe it's time for the community to open their eyes and force them to improve the quality of the services they provide. There is no excuse for us to not have a basic quality of service in our loved game.
  5. Can you give an update on this @Juji @Hime
  6. @Juji @Hime Can we get some answers to the questions on the next update thread?
  7. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Juji 1. Any reason for the insane increase on the crystal of Determination needed? (Will we get new source for it like crystalizing R/R95 Weapons?) 2. Does the Armor upgrade system got an update as well?
  8. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Hime yes, as in This pack
  9. Lineage II: Winter of War Begins on January 16

    @Juji @Hime Any info on what is going to happen to the Weapon/Armor Packs?
  10. Might be a good idea to create a sticky thread with all known issues.
  11. They did said in the patch noted that drops were adjusted.Since they didn't use the word "increased" that means they were lowered.
  12. Still looking for an answer on this @Juji / @Hime
  13. Most of the important stuff that the dragons drops are R110 gear and Claws. If the claws doesn't have that much interest to you, the drop in price of R110 gear does.
  14. I might be 99.99% of the players (it is not for sure) that don't give a damn for it, but it's probably more then 50% of the heavy payers that are going to be affected by it. Plus, when the clans that farm it are getting enough of the items, those items are then sold in the market. The more items are in the market, the cheaper they will become. So the theory that this doesn't affect the normal player is completely wrong.