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  1. It existed in previous promotions. You would trade a number of Legendary Scrolls for 1 High-grade one if my memory is not tricking me. Not sure, but they might have removed it.
  2. There is still plenty of Artifacts on Naia
  3. I already told you this before, you will only see a reply from them thru a lawsuit. That's the only thing they care to reply.
  4. how about you do a simple google search? I just did and found a bunch of websites telling what i just did.
  5. Again, you seem to miss completely the point of this thread. The problem here is not what you get, is knowing the chances of you winning it. And yes, you do know the chances of winning big in a casino. It is illegal for someone to operate some sort of gambling product without any info on their chances. There is a reason to why this type of boxes were banned in most of the civilized countries around the world. Even in Korea they were forced to redo their events and publish some sort of chances to the items in their boxes. Things on NCSoft West work differently. They don't care w
  6. Unless the slots are rigged (witch is illegal) the odds are calculable as well. In some of them they are even posted on the machine, although its not that common.
  7. @Hime @Juji Is the XP Boost a base XP boost or a simple addon 100% XP boost?
  8. 1. When the moderators log once per week shows how interested they are on what you post here. 4. Administration in NCWest has (apparently) 0 power on what's done. Everything is done by the Korean side. 5. No development is made in NCWest so there is no Developers here. High end players don't have that much power ingame, now Bot users that's a different story. 7. That's a complex thematic, the case you gave is just a case of someone with a lot of money. Now having people botting without any sort of punishment is very sketchy and might be seen as a case of corruption. If that's co
  9. Killing them doesn't make much difference for them. There purpose is to check if the chest appears and that can be made even if you dead.
  10. I don't know about Chronos, but in Naia it is possible to kill chests although you kinda need to have a bit of luck with you. Since the bot network of toons isn't enough to complete check all areas where it can drop there is a window for you to kill one. But you do have to spend hours looking for the boxes. Unfortunately that window is getting shorter by the day as they start to tweak there scripts and strategy's accordingly.
  11. Lasted 6 min on Naia. The time was there in the website, but i have to agree that the amount of pack was a bit stupid. @Juji @Hime Been told the Black Friday Night Market Coin is bugged. The coins are not recognized by the npc.
  12. The cheaper upgrades we probably won't get cause it would be implemented by now if they wanted to. The changes on the upgrade system might be tricky to not implement even if they want to since it involves items to be removed. It should be included in the next batch of upgrades.
  13. I can agree last pay events been pretty crappy ones, but you can't say that to the current one. (Haunted Boxes) It's exactly what a pay event should be, based on consumables and with a guarantee return close to the NCoin value of the pack and small chance good items to avoid flooding the market with important items. In this case all the items given by the pack are higher value then the ncoin value of the pack. (If you bother to wait for the the prices to stabilize on those consumables, if not you probably still get even or higher if you sell now) From the buy/sell shops in Aden i bel
  14. @Juji @Hime What happened to the weapon enchant limit? What is the new limit? Do the armors have new limit also??? This is the sort of stuff that is supposed to be in your maintenance notes if you ask me.
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