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  1. eXEQ7er, Antharas Defense

    Very nice pvp 1v4 very professional archer. You completely dominated "The mouth of Max."
  2. Pvp damage capped?

    I am talking about the % pvp damaged you can get from items and some skills. Is there a cap on that.
  3. Pvp damage capped?

    Anyone know if there is a cap on pvp damage ingame? What is the max pvp damage one can have and max pvp defense?
  4. 1st Stage 3 Weapon

    Rumors have it Max clan farmed for the mats and claws lllllllllllllll sold to Peppino. Ka-ching!
  5. Crazy PvP With New Nova!!!

    Eviscerater is not broken, feoh mana armor is broken. In what game is a mage class in robe suppose to be more tanky than a tank. Truffle gives the illusion his class is broken only because he knows how to play his class very well and his gear. If the feoh is not op then explain why so many people playing rerolled from archer to feoh.
  6. Is this possible by Hand?

    The moment drspark shows up there are a few players closest to him. Yet he targets drspark who is too far for next target to reach. Feryl's idea of /target name doesn't work because no one would spam a person's name unless u knew they were in the area. U obviously don't know what u talking about jus like u thought single dagger gives u higher chance for skill mastery to proc. Try next targeting a yul from the max range of his skill and watch how u won't pick up.
  7. Is this possible by Hand?

    People say he is using next target but lets not forget there is a limit on the range of who you can next target and this range is very low. Watch in the video how 1 archer runs up from behind and after jus 1 shot lllllllllll targets him right away. The archer is too far for next target yet in milliseconds after he hits llllllll he is targeted. This guy has been banned four times what I heard, would be no surprise if he is still cheating. If someone has gone to jail or lied to you four times would you trust them?
  8. Tyrr Needs Change

    When are Tyrrs going to get a change that makes them more viable and competitive compared to the other classes? Also not just about titans and khavatari, all Tyrrs in general.
  9. Shinning growth scroll bugged

    This scroll says it gives 1billion exp and 20% effect after level 99. I tried on a level 95 and only got 200 million exp.
  10. Tanks seriously nerfed in pve

    Why are tanks trying to take the role of a tyrr?
  11. Seiges/Mass PvP

    In the Battle of Alesia the Romans trapped and starved the people of Alesia within their own walls. There was no getting out and no help coming in from outside. Anyway, can't help but see something similar happening here in Chronos. Well played strategic move by this MS people. Will Nova regain their bread and butter back? Will they rise back to fame and fortune or will MS take it all away? Hope to see before the servers shut down.
  12. Hero Coins

    Can we expect hero coins to roll over next year or will they be reset?