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  1. Always 1 or 2 accounts out of the 3 disconnect almost on a daily basis. When will the connection/servers be fixed so it won't happen.... at least not as often. I have top ++ internet/router so I know its not the problem.
  2. Greedy chests should never come back, they should add lvl4 boxes on Aden boxes that will be available to all that xp. And rare lvl 5 jewels on same boxes. Adding greedy chests just gives farmers and top players a way to contol the game even more.
  3. Well the ones that still have the ones that go into the left bracelet should get the option of exchanging them to a charm, the least. The only option for them ATM is exchanging them to a pitiful seed bracelet.
  4. Still want to evolve my agathions...
  5. When will we be able to Evolve or ++ our evolved Zodiac Agathions. Can you bring back Agathion Evolution Stone and Red star bottles so we can level our Agathions, add those items to L2 Store/Hero coins. It has been over 2 years since we seen any of those items.
  6. Hello NCSOFT, how do I have a high speed cable connection and live in the US and still get DC. Fix the DC problem, is very annoying, specially when there are areas in L2 that one will loose the spot once we DC. FIX THE DAMN PROBLEM Both my active (killing mobs accounts) got DC, the one just hanging around in town did not.
  7. Why is it that in the past few days I have been getting at least 1 DC for all my accounts or some will disconnect. I thought changing the server would fix these DCs. I live in NYC area so it should not be a problem. My router only disconnects when I restart it and has been on for a week now without missing a connection... Anyone else having the DC issue
  8. About time they got rid of the chests. Make them easier to get by normal players by placing them in random areas where toons are leveling up and they can actually kill the box. Tired of seeing the same high levels from certain clans selling them everyday for profit. Also, can we get Agathion evolution stones and Red star bottles back into the game...
  9. Same here, over $500 spent and nothing good at all. All normal items and lvl 2/3. Their odds are getting worst... i feel like stepping back from spending more $$$ on events.
  10. So u are OK with a certain clan killing chest as soon as they spawn and get all the $$$ regardless whether u have to pay for them as long as u get lvl 5/6 jewels for cheap, and they are able to get even more geared and control the market and players. In the end u can have ur lvl 5/6 jewels and still be worthless ingame. And I'm the one that makes no sense.
  11. Greedy chests are a 2 edge sword. It will bring lvl5 jewels and greaters prices down but 80% of the sales will only benefit high end players since they will be ones to sell the jewels and get even richer. I do agree that boxes should fall where there is a player already killing and if he hits it 1st no matter who kills the box, 1st player that hit will take drop (of course there is always a chance the 1st person that hit it getting PKed and top player will wait for the box to reset then kill it). The 20% chance would fare better, it would prevent the market from flooding with jew
  12. About time Archers get a cut on their crits... also get more lvl 4 and lvl 5 jewels. Paying $250 is a joke on all players for 200 random boxes. Prices on events are suppose to go down as years go by to help new / lower financial players to compete with top level players, not go up. And add crystals of dawn to L2Store
  13. Well if this exploit that was used by some players to gain ++ jewels/weapons/armor were not punished for it then I want to have my items +++ as well. If is still happening and NSCOFT is not finding the flaws in the system and allowing it to continue then give players free enchants in order for us to get our items close to those that have been cheating the system if they are not going to be punished. Also sell items in bulk discount prices (L2store) like freya ice rose, cocktails, scrolls of storm to balance the crazy prices these items are going for.
  14. Sucks server settings are gone but should clear up the server from farmers and mentees.
  15. LOL most complaint about adena drops... There are events that have not returned in a long time, like the fishing game that u could get the monkey belt from. Any event that makes it easier to get rune stones and skill enchants like a few years ago without wasting shit loads of RL money. The main issues are basic items that are hard or expensive to get and due to horrible enchant/compound rates most items are way overpriced. La vie jewels are a great example, they been around for years and yet lvl 5 or greater are easier to get by spending $$$$ on L2 store and pray to be lucky then in ac
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