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  1. Hi, 1. Does vip4 +10% pve dmg apply to the summon? (sry hard to search here) 2. 40+ PVE: Shadow for VR or Soulless for 40 more run speed? (will be doing a lot of solo field hunting) Thanks
  2. They should have known you weren't fully afk because Air Light is not in your loop macro. And the quest mobs were spawning so you hadn't been there long. How do they turn the Red toon white so you go red though?
  3. WTS +4 Ruler's Authority CoC 40% Earrings Stun and Knockdown Conversion weapon Mental shield weapon Enhanced Shadow Slasher PvE Defense Belt Knight's Epaulette (KE) 67,000 Mail offers (adena only) to TheMighty on Chronos. I will not be checking this post or pm's. Any trade offers will be ignored. Any pathetically low offers will be ignored. Thank you!
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